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Hamburg University Starters FLOSS event

Added by Bjoern Michaelsen almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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(based on the ESC minutes from 2016-07-21)
+ met at Bjoern's place
+ student semester starts 1st Oct, lessons start ~Oct 17th
+ could we get students before busy with lessons ?
+ have it in a central place from the wikimedia foundation
+ just an idea for now; need to get permission etc.
+ widen it to general Open Source hacking; invite T-bird guy etc.
+ 3 days event ? ...
+ otherwise - some hacking & fun.

To clarify:
- can we get slotted in the university prep week?
- if not we should go one week earlier to prevent conflicts: e.g. 2016-10-05 to 2016-10-07
- possible locations:
-- attraktor Makerspace
-- CCC club home, Altona
-- OK Lab (Open Knowledge Foundation)/Wikipedia Kontor/Code for Hamburg: Wincklerstra├če 3

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Updated by Bjoern Michaelsen almost 8 years ago

So, I didnt find the time to do proper preparations for this so far and seeing that I will be on a sprint in the exact timeframe this is supposed to happen plus other personal obligations will further limit my availability.

Unfortunately, I dont think it makes sense to try to wing this: We need to make it with a basic set of resources, otherwise its better to not make this at all. As such, unless someone want to step up and take over the torch, this should be punted for the next sensible point in time (likely in 6 months).


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