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  • Design

    Public project for LibreOffice design

  • Documentation

    Public project for the documentation community

  • Events

    Public project for events we organize or attend

  • Board Public

    Public subproject for Board of Directors, Admin Assistant and Executive Director

  • Key Goals

    Public project to track progress of the foundation's key goals

  • Infrastructure

    Public project for the infrastructure team

    • Extensions

      LibreOffice Extensions

      LibreOffice Extensions is the repository of extensions and templates to extend the core functionality of LibreOffice.


      This is a volunteer-driven project - if you want to give us a hand consider joining our website mailing list: () and drop us a line. You can also participate on the conversation picking one of the tickets in this project....

    • Proteus

      Public project for Proteus (MC tooling)

    • Websites


      Report problems about our websites: regarding visualization problems, browser compatibility or any malfunction in general.

  • Marketing

    Public project for the marketing group

  • Native Language

    Public project for the native language communities

    • DE

      Öffentliches Projekt für die DE-Community

    • JA

      LibreOffice Japanese language/community task tracker

      This is the LibreOffice Japanese language community redmine. Register task for the Japanese language and Japanese community to resolve. If you have a bug in LibreOffice, please register it at TDF Bugzilla . You can submit a task in English or Japanese....

  • Release Engineering

    Public project for LibreOffice release engineering

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