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Statistics VM for Jan

Added by Alexander Werner over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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100G HDD


#1 Updated by Jan Iversen over 2 years ago

Just to be sure:

Login will be with ssh (as normal) only my account (+ any infra you like) and if needed start a X session.
Linux of your choice (and similar to other VMs as possible)
Memory and CPU, can (should) be dynamic, the VM will have short burst of high intensity and otherwise be low use.

once running:
we will need a "contributor" account, highly restricted (using salt)
extra packages will be installed using salt (jani)

Thanks for the help.

#3 Updated by Jan Iversen over 2 years ago

WOW - just found out you can edit others comments (and change the meaning). Corrected that and added a new comment:

- Try to login to and verify that sudo is working
Works, thanks.

- Add your configuration in salt to tdf/hosts/vm174/init.sls in the develop branch (
I am confused, I have a git clone from pumbaa:salt, that seems to have most vms, but not all, is that simply an old repo, replaced by the gitlab one ?

init.sls is currently empty, so I assume things like byobu is in top.sls and therefore not referenced.
e.g. vm178 has lines about byobu

I need to add scripts (currently dev-tools/scripts/, can I add such scripts to SALT (and how) ?

I also to need to add a crontab, but I will try to look at other hosts for how to do it.

- When your changes are stable, merge to the master branch
Will do that (after you have looked and said ok).

#4 Updated by Alexander Werner over 2 years ago

Helped jan in IRC, just a short log of the main points:
- pumbaa git was replaced by gitlab for salt/pillar
- vm178 has basic configuration applied by templates/core
- for files:
- for crontab:

#5 Updated by Jan Iversen over 2 years ago

Feel free to close ticket, I checked the vm, it is working.

I will be adding things to SALT over the next period, and pings alex in case of problems.

thanks for a super swift response.

#6 Updated by Alexander Werner over 2 years ago

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