Support #599

Updated by Bjoern Michaelsen over 9 years ago

We talked about using non-bugzilla trackers on setup the ESC call and dicided instance of redmine to track the QA projects/todos. Currently we haven't really dont want that for anything directly related to started using it the code way we ship -- were hoping. Having someone go through minutes (reverse chrono order is suggested) and migrating the rest -- most of todos to either redmine or FDO would be great. 

 FDO - should have anything that is a "smaller task" that isn't really infra related to some kind of infrastructure, or big project related. So "cleanup XXX wiki" would be an example.  

 Redmine - should be for the larger tasks such as "migrate bugzilla" or "make BSA2.0". Basically jobs that paid staff will likely be involved with so Florian can be filed there. prioritize/manage/etc... 

 If in doubt though, file your issue I am cc'ing Bjoern on bugzilla: Its the most visible tracker we have. 

 Thus the "QA project" on RedMine is closed, please dont file new stuff here. this one because I know he has feelings about bugzilla vs. redmine ;) Bjoern - feel free to comment.