Support #599

Updated by Bjoern Michaelsen over 9 years ago

We talked about using non-bugzilla trackers on the ESC call and dicided we really dont want that for anything directly related to the code we ship -- and the rest -- most of that is related to some kind of infrastructure, so can be filed there. Here is the list of QA-related issues on bugzilla (keyed by whiteboard status TopicQA): 

 "QA-related issues":^BUGZILLAASSISTANT&status_whiteboard=TopicQA&bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=REOPENED&short_desc_type=notregexp&product=LibreOffice&list_id=474799 

 If in doubt though, file your issue on bugzilla: Its the most visible tracker we have. 

 Thus the "QA project" on RedMine is closed, please dont file new stuff here.