Task #1376

Updated by Florian Effenberger almost 9 years ago

To foster our social media coverage, Extending on the discussion ("I am going to the LibreOffice conference", "I contributed to LibreOffice 5.0") on the marketing list, having badge campaigns might be very useful to create more visibility for pdocut product and project, and have better inclusion of contributors, we want project. 

 @Italo, Floeff: Could you guys look into if you manage to have social media banner & badge campaigns.  

 All campaigns find resources for that without dropping other essential stuff? If that is possible please assign as appropriate (I assume to Italo) 

 These (mini-)campaigns should provide: 

 * a 
 - A tagline 
 * - a small banner or badge banner/badge for use by community members on social media or blogs (proper license is crucial) 
 * a - A fixed "start" date for the campaign to focus the initial impact, including a possible day of week in the month (e.g. Patch Tuesday) impact 

 So keep this alive and to not wear out contributors/oversaturate channels, these campaign should not happen more often than once one a month and not less often than every two months. It might be a task for the marketing intern make sense to drive make this forward on a regular basis, with internally planning this every month, jour fixe _every_ month -- and allowing ourselves to be able to skip every once one month, but not two months in a while. row. Possibly we should use *the second Tuesday of a month* for that as frustrations with Microsoft are at a peak then (because of Patch Tuesday: 

 Here are some ideas for taglines/topic to use for the upcoming months: 
 * August: "I contributed to LibreOffice 5.0" <<LibreOffice 5.0 banner>> 
 * September: "I am attending the #LibreOffice conference in #Aarhus on Sept. 23-25" <<Aarhus pics>> 
 * October: "I will (remotely) attend the #LibreOffice Hackfest in Hamburg on Oct.    23-25" <<Hamburg pics>> 
 * November: "Proud member of the meritocratic electorate of LibreOffice" <<TDF logo>> (Board elections) 
 * December: "I will take part in the LibreOffice Bug Hunting Sessions for LibreOffice 5.1" <<Bug picture>> 
 * January: "I support/am part of the LibreOffice FOSDEM 2016 team." 
 * February: "I contributed to LibreOffice 5.1"