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15:50 Key Goals Task #3108: KG22.01.1 - Two more tenders signed in 6 months
Delivery of MC dashboard in Q4
Mentor tender decision likely in Q4
X-ray debugger tender decision likely in Q4
-> ...
Florian Effenberger
12:04 Board Public Task #3251: Digital tool for participation improvement
VPS was setup in the meantime Florian Effenberger
11:40 Release Engineering Task #3299 (New): Google Drive and One Drive auth tokens
Seems there are issues with accessing files on Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive, see
Florian Effenberger
11:35 Infrastructure Task #1496: switch back to Hetzner or RRPproxy DNS and remove glue records
Domains where pushing DNSSEC does not work are the following. Let's try again tomorrow, if that fails, we need to rea... Florian Effenberger
11:28 Infrastructure Task #1496: switch back to Hetzner or RRPproxy DNS and remove glue records
The majority of our domains is now connected to KeyDNS at RRPproxy, including DNSSEC signing
The main/production dom...
Florian Effenberger
09:41 Release Engineering Task #2961 (Closed): Mac signing certificate for standin

Great news! :)
Florian Effenberger
09:39 Infrastructure Task #3297 (New): missing strings for download page
There seem to be strings missing in Weblate for the download page, namely
* Slovak
* Italian
These need to be ...
Florian Effenberger


14:49 Key Goals Task #3126: KG22.07.1 - Write programme description
I am now in contact with someone from the university of Berlin. They might be interested in the program as well. Do y... Florian Effenberger
09:32 Key Goals Task #3123: KG22.06.1 - Team to present workshop at LibOCon 2020
* too many applications, creating a burden for maintainers
* Pootle and AskBot, don't know what happens in two or th...
Florian Effenberger
09:30 Key Goals Task #3116: KG22.04.1 - Run five Community Bonding / Hackfest Events in significant geographies
* Still a good idea? (Ilmari)
* Yes (Italo)
* put call for questions into a blogpost -> ask community what they wou...
Florian Effenberger

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