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10:53 Board Public Task #3061: scholarship in memoriam of community members
Some feedback from a personal school contact of mine (in case we're doing things without e.g. Cafe Netzwerk, but dire... Florian Effenberger


08:48 Infrastructure Task #3520: CppCheck Report on vm140 Not Running
Who's in charge of this box, do we know this? Florian Effenberger


12:01 Extensions Task #3265: Localized extension contents is not shown. Only EN version is.
end-April is Q2, bumping target version Florian Effenberger
11:58 Infrastructure Task #3262: make gimli (crashreports) more backup-friendly
Not urgent, got some infra issues in between, postponing therefore Florian Effenberger
11:42 Extensions Task #3264 (Closed): Sort Tag labels
Florian Effenberger
11:42 Extensions Task #3234 (Closed): Allow sort default extension list by date, newer first, or better, let user choose sort date ascending/descending
Florian Effenberger
11:42 Release Engineering Task #3481 (Closed): create tag (and branch) for 7.1.2 rc1
Florian Effenberger
11:41 Extensions Task #3216 (Closed): Introduce a carousel to show multiple screenshots
Florian Effenberger


16:23 Board Public Task #3061: scholarship in memoriam of community members
Had a call with Café Netzwerk today, here's some further feedback:
* reaching out to pupils who already code
* di...
Florian Effenberger


13:21 Board Public Task #3061: scholarship in memoriam of community members
Another link to look at is
I try to setup a call with Café Netzwe...
Florian Effenberger

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