Florian Effenberger





17:26 DE Task #2579 (New): 9. Berliner Stiftungstag
> wir freuen uns, Ihnen heute mitteilen zu können, dass der
> 9. Berliner Stiftungstag
> am 16. November 2018
> vo...


14:51 Infrastructure Task #2359: Add Google Custom Search to documentation website
There's the ticket about search for the help online (#2555) and this
one. I wonder if two tickets can be combined?
14:47 Infrastructure Task #1976: berta & antares: shares from local gluster server not mounted at boot (attempt to mount before glulsterfs-server is fully started)
Would like to hear Cloph's opinion on that as well, and then leaving it
to your trusted hands
14:46 Infrastructure Task #1154: add IPv6 to manitu servers

Ok, then let's de-prioritize that and put it to pool
14:45 Infrastructure Task #2210: monitoring notifications
Cool, thanks for your work on this!
14:45 Infrastructure Task #1836: dashboard maintenance
Would be good then to sync with Italo, so we don't miss important
upgrades and bugfixes :)
14:43 Infrastructure Task #2256: Setup a smarthost to relay service and automatic system emails
Sounds good and sensible, thanks!
14:43 Infrastructure Task #2555: Help Online: replace Google Custom Search by another un-branded search
Cool, then no objections of course!
14:42 Marketing Task #2554: update donation infographic for 2017
> "Berlin, August 2nd, 2017 – Effective immediately, The Document
> Foundation offers a transparent overview of Libr...
14:40 Infrastructure Task #2032: Reminder about localised website
> The bar can be moved if it's not visible enough. I would avoid
> redirecting people automatically however. Localis...

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