Task #1432

Updated by Sophie Gautier over 8 years ago

Especially before releases, during the alpha, beta and RC phase, release QA and coordination is important. 

 Release QA includes: 

 * stress testing LibreOffice pre-releases (alpha, beta, RCs) on multiple platforms, x86 and x64 architecture, including Android viewer, Android Remote and iOS Remote 
 * handle bughunting sessions on alpha2 beta2 RC1 
 * checking MABs/critical or highly critical (as MABs will disappear) 
 * keeping a continuous overview on the state and progress of LibreOffice QA for the upcoming releases as seen on its bug trackers, mailing lists, and other communication channels (e.g. IRC) 

 Release coordination includes: 

 * coordination with native-language groups and marketing 
 * coordinating with QA/Dev and marketing on top 10/5 new features 
 * make sure UX/design are on time with deadlines 
 * helping with translations of press releases 
 * verifying that all bits and pieces are ready, including 
 ** release notes 
 ** feature lists 
 ** blogposts 
 ** someone to take care of social media 
 ** website 
 ** bugzilla 
 * being on standby via IRC and e-mail for coordination