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14:31 Infrastructure Task #3760 (In Progress): Wrong LO icon in MS store
Thanks Mike! changed status to "in progress" Sophie Gautier
12:53 Infrastructure Task #3760 (Feedback): Wrong LO icon in MS store
@Mike: Can you tell/provide which logo to use? and once replied, please assign the ticket to Cloph, he will take care... Sophie Gautier


17:04 Infrastructure Task #3479 (Closed): Weblate needs to list & allow contact with language translation teams
Closing as this was part of Weblate 4.18 Sophie Gautier


15:07 Websites Task #3687 (New): TSP - Support multiple currencies in travel support and refund requests.
A requester can make a request for travel support covering several currencies when traveling to another country.
Sophie Gautier


15:02 Marketing Task #3652: Posts on LibOCon 23 have very blurry images
@Mike could you have a look at it? Sophie Gautier


10:52 Infrastructure Task #3584: Strings containing suggestions take long time to save
See the mp4 Mario shared demonstrating the issue:
Sophie Gautier


14:36 Release Engineering Task #3611 (New): String freeze policy
Martin wrote a proposal to better define the string freeze policy (see attached document):
- the rules will be clear...
Sophie Gautier


15:43 Infrastructure Task #3567: Bridging mailing lists to Discourse
Hi Guilhem,
When you have time, could you add Bangladesh category? here is the message from Ring
Please add our...
Sophie Gautier


18:17 Infrastructure Task #3567: Bridging mailing lists to Discourse
So for the record, here is the mail from Heiko on the Design/UX list:
* Please create...
Sophie Gautier


11:00 Infrastructure Task #3567: Bridging mailing lists to Discourse
Guilhem Moulin wrote in #note-34:
> Olivier Hallot wrote in #note-33:
> > Not sure why put documentation below En...
Sophie Gautier

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