Sophie Gautier





18:37 Infrastructure Task #2629: Incorrect destination in Create a bug Report link depeding on the language
I'll work on it during or after the conference


18:32 Infrastructure Task #2629 (In Progress): Incorrect destination in Create a bug Report link depeding on the language
I sent a mail to l10n and website lists, tracking which have been updated:
- de
- es


15:36 Infrastructure Task #2640 (In Progress): New email address for LibreOffice Mexico
Account has been created as a role account and password has been sent to Adolfo. Setting in progress until Adolfo say...


18:18 Infrastructure Task #2639 (New): Travel Support Program
I have two requests when the TSP will be deployed later this year:
- change the form in the refund process to the on...


13:25 Infrastructure Task #2638 (In Progress): Badges for the community
This task is to follow-up the setting of badges and OpenBadges for the community. Attached is a document explaining w...


14:56 Infrastructure Task #2636 (New): Add an Askbot instance for French speaking community
Hi Evgeny, would it be possible to set an Ask instance for the French speaking community. Moderators would be me and ...


18:31 Infrastructure Task #2625 (New): Agile Redmine plug-in
Could you install the lite/free version of the plug-in here:
Thanks i...


11:53 Marketing Task #2169: travel refund assistant
There is no demo instance, the video featuring how it works is listed here


17:17 Marketing Task #2169: travel refund assistant
After some researches, KDE is also using the openSUSE tool for their refund process. GNOME is using a simple mail as ...
15:53 Release Engineering Task #1433: manual testing w/ TestLink
I set a test session for the last BHS but it has not been used, it seems nobody was interesting by running manual tes...

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