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17:59 Infrastructure Task #3436 (New): Add suggestions deletion to reviewer role
With the recent upgrade, the change you made to allow deletion of suggestions has be removed from reviewer role. Coul... Sophie Gautier


17:57 Infrastructure Task #3405 (Closed): Weblate needs to be updated
Done, so closing :) Sophie Gautier


18:25 Infrastructure Task #2110 (Closed): confusing download page for first-time user of site
I guess we can close this one as the download page has had a lot of improvements since this report Sophie Gautier
18:20 Infrastructure Task #2125 (Closed): Extension website > Compatibility: improve table info for compatibility
Closing as the site has been migrated Sophie Gautier
14:38 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
Just an update:
- project accepted by the BoD
- report sent to project list
- will define a migration roadmap fo...
Sophie Gautier
14:29 Infrastructure Task #3261 (Closed): removal or migration of legacy Redmine projects
Asked Italo and it can be closed now. Sophie Gautier
13:52 Infrastructure Task #3366: Close open Github pull requests and prevent / auto-close new ones.
@Cloph, I assigned it to you, not sure you didn't do it already yesterday :) Sophie Gautier
13:35 Infrastructure Task #3412 (Feedback): Change Bugzilla setting default to CC a user when he modifies a bug
@Xisco: I fear that this request will generate a lot of noise to those who heavily contribute to BZ, what do you think? Sophie Gautier
12:46 Infrastructure Task #3421: Accessing the Redmine pages is complicated (to say the least)
Thanks for reporting Jean-Fran├žois, indeed something to keep in mind for the new site. Category added.
@Ilmari, I a...
Sophie Gautier


14:24 Documentation Task #1869 (Closed): Meeting with Brazilian doc community
Sophie Gautier

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