Sophie Gautier





18:07 Infrastructure Task #2691: Weblate
Here is a report and some questions for Cloph


13:35 2019 Conference Task #2738 (Closed): Manage travel sponsorhips
I'm closing this task as it's part of my usual workflow.
13:34 2019 Conference Task #2738: Manage travel sponsorhips
I will take care to refund speakers and invitees (we have a list of contributors who are invited to the conference). ...
13:30 2019 Conference Task #2737: Launch commercial sponsoring campaign
Ismael Olea wrote:
> user#11: who is in charge of the sponsorships campaign to assign this issue?
Your team is in...


13:19 Infrastructure Task #2691: Weblate
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> Any updates, any blockers/questions?
> Any ETA when we plan to look into that? I remem...
13:13 2019 Conference Task #2820: Add permissions on web page administration for change logo
Please send the website banner to Cloph once done, he will make the changes for all websites. And please let me know ...


18:53 Infrastructure Task #2638: Badges for the community
Adding the badge system design in progress here


14:56 2019 Conference Bug #2759: Collect and publish speaker slides
Assigning to me as usal attendees are used to send them to me :)
14:54 2019 Conference Bug #2771 (Closed): Write code of conduct
Yes, I think it's fine so closing this issue too
14:52 2019 Conference Task #2744 (Closed): Write and publish CFP
I close it :)

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