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Strings containing suggestions take long time to save

Added by Sophie Gautier about 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Team - Q2/2023
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2023-06-13 (about 12 months late)
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Reporting this one encountered by Leo and I think related to:
Mainstream has closed the bug as being an issue on our side.

When I started, the problem seemed to have been resolved, but at the 10th string problems arose again:

- nl/helpcontent2/source/text/swriter/01.po, tekenreeks 76



Locatie van bronomschrijving


Locatie van brontekenreeks

02110000.xhp <>

There was a suggestion, I modified it and then it took 22 seconds before being saved.

- nl/helpcontent2/source/text/shared.po, tekenreeks 215



Locatie van bronomschrijving


Locatie van brontekenreeks

main0650.xhp <>

Could you have a look? let me know if we should reopen the github issue instead.

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Has duplicate Infrastructure - Task #3632: Weblate: slow saving of edited suggestionsClosedChristian Lohmaier

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exact timestamps would help to diagnose easier, need some time to debug...

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I so far miseed the important bit of this thing, namely that it is a suggestion that needs to be accepted and edited by the function in the hover-menu..

Indeed I can reproduce the slowness using that method - there seems to be a DB deadlock situation in this case.

"Fixed tracking suggestions in history." in one of the 4.13 changelog

So need to recheck after update to 4.14

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See the mp4 Mario shared demonstrating the issue:

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next weblate update will require a little larger downtime since metric data needs to be converted to a different format.

The problem with editing suggestions is not something that can be solved by a workaround and is caused by our large repositories - from weblate's POV both taking the suggestion in the edit box and then modifying it are two changes that are synced to the git repository only after the edit is submitted, so when user hits save button it first needs to create a commit for the original suggestions (i.e. wait for git lock and all that and wait for git commit completion), and then do another one for the edit. Since we're using weblate's git squash addon to combine multiple commits into a single one those individual commits don't show up in the repo, so one optimization weblate devs will implement is to trigger the save for the suggestion immediately when using the "use and edit" on the suggestion, so when the user then is done with modifying the first save should be completed and should be "hidden from the user"/speed should be the same as regular translation as weblate doesn't need to wait.

Plan to do the update after 7.6.0 beta1 is tagged

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proper target version


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