Christian Lohmaier





17:51 Infrastructure Task #2526: Add a new PO file under Help project in Pootle
I wouldn't want to have the help repository mix files generated by "@make translations@" and some "random" files. So ...


12:44 Infrastructure Task #2457 (New): google login broken for
right now, trying to login to ask via google fails because
@The redirect URI in the request, https://ask.libreoff...


20:58 Infrastructure Task #2433 (Resolved): Screenshot daily build currently busted
fixed - did need addtional gettext-dev, but with that a build did succeed:
16:17 Infrastructure Task #2433: Screenshot daily build currently busted
got pass from Norbert, updated the machine and brought it back online to jenkins. Let's hope that Xisco's cygwin upda...


16:42 Infrastructure Task #1701: Silverstripe maintenance and updates
overall I'd say "sure" - but atm there are some local changes/stuff that's not in the repo. So once that's taken care...
16:39 Release Engineering Task #1488 (Closed): Pootle layout automated prepration to repository-ready files
don't see need for keeping this one, ticket#2012 covers this → closing.
16:37 Infrastructure Task #2299: Generate sceenshots and store at release.
pending overall update of the buildslave, so once that is back in business, can look into build-failures, solve any t...
16:35 Release Engineering Task #2365: create new iOS release of LibreOffice Remote for Impress, with new description text
need to check how much did change re iPhone X support / new iOS release - if XCode is happy with the existing code, t...
16:31 Infrastructure Task #2132 (Resolved): VM173 and POOTLE to help translators
adjusted the link (but used just - as that's the canonical URL)
16:22 Infrastructure Task #2399 (Resolved): User "Check for Updates" support: check.php script needs 5.3.7 and 5.4.3 entries.
setting to resolved.

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