Christian Lohmaier





16:52 Release Engineering Task #2124: centralizing developer tasks
think I can tackle it starting end of November/after 6.2 beta1
16:45 Infrastructure Task #2299: Generate sceenshots and store at release.
screenshot jenkins slave is failing for a while again, will (try to) do a screenshot run on release machine for the 6...
16:35 Infrastructure Task #2317: releases at F-Droid
kinda blocked now due to non-release-worthy state atm
16:34 Infrastructure Task #2564: Make copyright information at the bottom of the website translatable
pondering whether to have those strings as properties of the subsite or as regular translated string, but in any case...
15:32 Infrastructure Task #2237 (Rejected): resurrect locommits twitter bot
going to close, nobody did miss it/ask for it...
"rejected" might sound harsh/definite, but not meant as such. Ca...


15:51 Infrastructure Task #2559: Redirect to new donate pages
did do it for the langs that have the new-style one.


15:35 Infrastructure Feature #589: silverstripe: redirect pages don't offer to open in new window
will check and deploy this week.


16:21 Marketing Task #2632 (Closed): add hint to AMA on DL-page
when we do a next AMA, we should add hint/banner to the downlaod page to further announce it..


15:01 Infrastructure Task #2012: Automate pootle to commit translations
Will finally enable after 6.1.0 rc1 (tag due this week)/ when 61 projects are created in pootle and master is reflect...
15:00 Release Engineering Task #2139: renew code signing cert for Windows
for future reference: no new CSR is needed, hitting renew cert button and having payment details ready is all that's ...

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