Christian Lohmaier





21:47 Infrastructure Task #3386 (Resolved): Error on JA donation page when entering extremely small or large amount for Stripe
fixed - special case for JPY with the suggested limit of 200 Yen - done in the form verification stage, before handin... Christian Lohmaier


16:47 Infrastructure Task #3427 (Feedback): Fix CPU info for x86_64 for
patch is wrong/doesn't work. creates invalid output in both minidump_dump as well as in minidump_stackwalk when appli... Christian Lohmaier


19:31 Infrastructure Task #3408 (Closed): Weblate: modify our own non-weblate default role
Ha - that fixed itself. In 4.4 that was released yesterday the suggestion role will have the permission even if it is... Christian Lohmaier


14:49 Infrastructure Task #2317: releases at F-Droid
FYI: a new release had been done and tagged sdremote-2.5.2 - so one prerequisite for a new build on fdroid done. Christian Lohmaier
14:47 Release Engineering Task #3178 (Closed): create tag for 7.0.4 rc2
Christian Lohmaier


21:14 Release Engineering Task #3299 (In Progress): Google Drive and One Drive auth tokens
wip - unfortunately not as strightforward/minimal changes as hoped, nevertheless basic functionality working again fo... Christian Lohmaier


14:26 Release Engineering Task #3177 (Closed): create tag (and branch) for 7.0.4 rc1
closing Christian Lohmaier


11:22 Extensions Task #3105 (Feedback): API Request From New Extensions Webpage
change status to feedback, since that is what it is - I need feedback to what in the API needs to change/whether it n... Christian Lohmaier
11:21 Extensions Task #3216: Introduce a carousel to show multiple screenshots
that was a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind, rescheduling Christian Lohmaier
11:20 Extensions Task #3222 (Feedback): Extension Detail view Release List
a single download doesn't really work if an extension has different requriements or different language support and ha... Christian Lohmaier

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