Christian Lohmaier





16:21 Marketing Task #2632 (New): add hint to AMA on DL-page
when we do a next AMA, we should add hint/banner to the downlaod page to further announce it..


15:01 Infrastructure Task #2012: Automate pootle to commit translations
Will finally enable after 6.1.0 rc1 (tag due this week)/ when 61 projects are created in pootle and master is reflect...
15:00 Release Engineering Task #2139: renew code signing cert for Windows
for future reference: no new CSR is needed, hitting renew cert button and having payment details ready is all that's ...
14:57 Infrastructure Task #2299: Generate sceenshots and store at release.
FYI: while trying to set up the publishing of the screenshots, I noticed that the translation of the screenshots is b...
14:50 Infrastructure Task #2317: releases at F-Droid
Android build was fixed, and tinderbox does provide daily builds again


21:19 Marketing Task #2613 (Feedback): submit paper for Droidcon Vienna 2018
proposal had been submitted, setting to feedback / need to wait whether it is accepted or not...


14:12 Infrastructure Task #2450: CI hardware
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> […] so I usually prefer the datacenter - but of course
> hard for iMac Pro.
Yeah :...


15:58 Infrastructure Task #2317: releases at F-Droid
there's some probs with the android build atm, so some things need to be ironed out with updated gradle/build-deps fi...
15:53 Infrastructure Task #2450: CI hardware
I tend towards buying a iMacPro at the moment and don't host at a datacenter but in someones office. If they have sim...
15:47 Infrastructure Task #2299: Generate sceenshots and store at release.
screenshot builds are working now (failures not due to screenshot part, but would be due to regular build issues) - n...

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