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16:39 Extensions Task #3218: Maintainer Howto
you're not supposed to use that page to login, the actual login is just
I don't ne...
Christian Lohmaier
16:37 Extensions Task #3222: Extension Detail view Release List
oups - actually not being able to specify the description when creating an entry was an oversight - or rather it firs... Christian Lohmaier
16:27 Extensions Task #3224 (Closed): Spanish language unavailable
Created corresponding entry to make Spanish target language available. Thanks for the report. Christian Lohmaier
16:25 Extensions Task #3223 (Closed): Odt File Upload ist not allowed
fixed - was allowed for automatic import/downloading already, but was missed in the config for the upload field... Christian Lohmaier
13:12 Infrastructure Task #3105: API Request From New Extensions Webpage
from IRC:
12:56 <cloph_away> some quick remarks to your api if viewBy is meant to specify sort, just call it sortBy ...
Christian Lohmaier


11:09 Release Engineering Task #3166 (Closed): create tag (and branch) for 7.0.0 Beta1
branch & tag created on Wed, builds uploaded to pre-releases on Thu... Christian Lohmaier
11:08 Infrastructure Task #3077 (Resolved): LATAM Conference SilverStripe update
did the change yesterday-sorry for delay Christian Lohmaier


15:13 Infrastructure Task #3205 (Resolved): Redirections are needed for new Extensions site, to allow links in existing versions of LO to open correct pages
added handlers for @/dictionaries/@ and @/extensions?getCategories=Dictionary@ (and also for the no-longer-used on pl... Christian Lohmaier


00:19 Infrastructure Task #2564: Make copyright information at the bottom of the website translatable
this kinda fell through the cracks with the other weblate related stuff... Christian Lohmaier
00:16 Infrastructure Task #2886 (Closed): Replacing old English template at with a new one
Christian Lohmaier

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