Christian Lohmaier





15:16 Marketing Task #2817 (Resolved): donate page additional designs
Design now live with changed ratios as follows:
* oneshot - no banner
* oneshot - with banner
* recurring (no ban...
12:28 Infrastructure Task #3006 (New): create weblate string validation check for formula strings (invalid characters/missing prefix)
Eike did have a look at translation of formula related strings and found a couple of problems that are not already co...


11:56 Infrastructure Task #2962 (New): create VPN credentials for US based Mac Pro
tb69 will be relocated to a new home without static IP
While login via ssh to start new jenkins slave agent would ...
11:44 Release Engineering Task #2961 (New): Mac singing certificate for standin
Steps to grant TDF signing certificate:
# create apple-id account (Xisco)
# invite that apple-id to TDF-Account (cl...
11:39 Release Engineering Task #2960 (New): provide way for standin-signing on windows
Since private key is on physical smartcard device, the key is tied to one physical location, making signing from mult...
10:40 Infrastructure Task #2959 (New): switch IZBot to use gerrit to get commit summary
freedesktop's cgit might go away and even if not - html parsing is fragile, and the last updates of cgit always did i...


11:05 Infrastructure Task #2958 (New): let the ubsan builder upload builds to dev-builds
While jenkins does run builds with sanitizers enabled, the resulting builds are not uploaded/are not available to QA/...
11:02 Infrastructure Task #2957 (New): add gerrit-integration to libo-online builder
Currently the docker build doesn't report results to gerrit
would be nice to have same verified +1 on the online rep...


13:43 Infrastructure Task #2924 (Rejected): stripe payments need to be switched to new api by September 14
switch production site to use new-style stripe forms (rendered completely by stripe for all cases, both recurring as ...


21:12 Infrastructure Task #2714 (Resolved): Copy unified download page to
did make the change - but not all strings for the new style are translated in pootle

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