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12:35 Infrastructure Task #3633: Add WollMux translations to Weblate
Sure, I can have weblate directly push to master/main
With no restrictions
Christian Lohmaier


10:50 Extensions Task #3613: Sort by last modified
I see the flaw here - some fixup touched lots of extensions, bumping their last modified date despite not being chang... Christian Lohmaier
10:45 Extensions Task #3275: No notification for feedback at the extension
configuration problem, seems like I only sent to admin, not the actual extension maintainer... Christian Lohmaier
10:41 Extensions Task #3606: Allow having extensions projects "on hold"
Will add an additional checkbox to put into moderation queue or not, changing button text is too deep in silverstripe... Christian Lohmaier
10:39 Extensions Task #3603 (Resolved): How to make FR description show in the extension web page?
made the howto more explicit to use English as default language and added pointer to the translation process at the t... Christian Lohmaier
10:28 Infrastructure Task #3625: Log of changes for
tempted to reject it for the silverstripe site as its days are numbered, as said by Beluga we'll have git logs for ne... Christian Lohmaier
10:22 Extensions Task #3630 (Feedback): Assigning an unclaimed extension clears all content
I see that the text were cleared as you describe in the history for one of the revision, but it is not ...
Christian Lohmaier
10:16 Infrastructure Task #3632 (Closed): Weblate: slow saving of edited suggestions
closing as duplicate - will investigate deeper if still a problem after updating weblate. Christian Lohmaier
10:14 Release Engineering Task #3596 (Closed): create tag for 7.4.3 rc2
Christian Lohmaier


20:22 Extensions Task #3624 (Resolved): File limit for update of extensions is too low
Hi - set the limit to 250MB as suggested Christian Lohmaier

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