From 2016-08-15 to 2016-09-13


19:17 Task #2051 (Closed): update gitdm on vm174 to do useful reporting.
gitdm analysis might be of interest for e.g. QA and not only development Jan Iversen
19:10 Task #2049 (New): Solve TDF#38889
While solving the bug do
- make step by step guide explaining to tools used
- make small video clips of e.g. opengr...
Jan Iversen
19:04 Task #2048 (Closed): Cleanup needinfo for easyhack
Add codepointers where possible, ping core developers where input is needed. Jan Iversen
19:03 Task #2047 (New): Developer pages update
A few pages should be static HTML for performance and changeability reasons.
GetInvolved, simple setup/build instr...
Jan Iversen
19:01 Task #2046 (Closed): new wiki structure for development
+ old linux build pages - need to be marked 'obsolete' or somesuch.
[ done some of them - but need to go thro...
Jan Iversen
19:00 Task #2045 (Closed): PDF acknowledgement.
Create a pdf with a acknowledgement to be issued after:
- 1st commit
- 10st commit (on the road to become a committ...
Jan Iversen
18:55 Task #2044 (Closed): Do not abandon patches set to -2
One core developer (at least) do not like the "A polite ping" after 1 month, and "abandon" after 1 month more without... Jan Iversen
18:52 Task #2043 (Closed): wiki prototype coding style
We need to update the coding style guide, written by bjoern (when at Sun), without copying from OO (looking is allowe... Jan Iversen
18:51 Task #2042 (Closed): Wiki, cleanup box "Getting started with development"
Highlight new contributor stuff, left side for "specialists" Jan Iversen
18:48 Task #2041 (In Progress): update easyhacks with many comments
look at the 99 easyHacks with more than 10 comments:
These have to be highly daunting to newcomers.
Unless th...
Jan Iversen

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