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17:01 Documentation Task #3700 (In Progress): LibeOffice Help redesign/evolution
Work in progress... Juan José González


19:37 Websites Task #3699 (New): Add a toolbar to xhpeditor
Add a toolbar to include the most common elements. Juan José González


16:16 Extensions Task #3698 (New): [easyhack] Make download links in release table look like a button
To reproduce:
In the extension page the release table has links to Download a specific release, but it does not lo...
Juan José González
16:06 Extensions Task #3697 (New): [easyhack] Navigation is broken in mobile
To reproduce:
In mobile template the navigation links are not correctly rendered
Juan José González
15:53 Extensions Task #3696 (New): [easyhack] Create initial testing data for development
After installing extensions in local there is no data to test. I would be useful to have at least a couple of users a... Juan José González
02:13 Extensions Task #3695 (New): [easyhack] Render downloads as a table regarding the number of releases
To reproduce:
# Find an extensions with one release e.g.
Juan José González
02:00 Extensions Task #3694 (New): [easyhack] After pagination date and number format is incorrect
To reproduce:
# Visit note that after one second date and numbers are formatted ...
Juan José González
01:37 Extensions Task #3675 (Closed): Open links in new tab
Juan José González
01:37 Extensions Task #3215 (Closed): Publication should be possible for everyone
Juan José González
01:36 Extensions Task #3613 (Closed): Sort by last modified
Juan José González

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