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04:03 Infrastructure Task #3063 (Closed): Include date+time in file name of tb77 daily builds
The machine provides Win64 daily builds that are currently named: LibreOfficeDev_6.5.0.0.alpha0_Win_x64.msi
It wou...
Aron Budea


10:00 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
I'd also suggest considering Discourse as a contributor discussion board. I'm familiar with the dev/QA mailing list a... Aron Budea


13:07 Infrastructure Task #2634 (New): Commit notification for the dictionaries repo in BZ
Currently there's no commit notification in Bugzilla for commits in 'dictionaries' repo (I think there hasn't been in... Aron Budea


00:32 Infrastructure Task #2626 (Closed): Add info from tdf#101956 to system requirements page
Because of a bug [1], there are the following restrictions on macOS:
- versions >= 10.10: JRE isn't found, JDK is re...
Aron Budea


17:43 Documentation Task #2622 (Closed): Help Online: Google custom search searches the web instead of just the help site
When I go to and do a search using the search bar on top, it gives results from all ove... Aron Budea
15:54 Infrastructure Task #2621 (Closed): Extra check box on the download page
Open and scroll to the list of prerelease versions.
Right now there's...
Aron Budea
15:51 Infrastructure Task #2620 (Closed): "Windows x86_64 (Vista or newer required)" in the OS list on the download page
Open and scroll to the list of Operating Systems.
The "(Vista or newe...
Aron Budea


22:22 Infrastructure Task #2411: Download page doesn't show OS selector with IE11
Looks good to me with IE11 now, thanks for fixing this, Mike! Aron Budea


08:29 Marketing Task #2428: Make donation page friendlier
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> Is your proposal replacing the infographic by the image shuffler?
It's not a specifi...
Aron Budea


23:11 Marketing Task #2428 (New): Make donation page friendlier
Krzysiu noted on IRC that the donation page the user lands on when downloading has a slideshow of the community, whic... Aron Budea

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