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16:46 Marketing Task #2438 (Closed): End of the year Giving Guides
I have sent an email to all available end of the year giving guides, even if they were only for US based charities. N... Italo Vignoli


12:43 Board Public Task #3206: LibreOffice 7.0/7.1 marketing plan
Uploaded third iteration of the strategic marcom plan, with action items:
Complete Document with Action Items: htt...
Italo Vignoli


08:18 Key Goals Task #3126: KG22.07.1 - Write programme description
I have uploaded a first draft of the Campus Ambassador Program, for comments Italo Vignoli


21:47 Infrastructure Task #3261: removal or migration of legacy Redmine projects
Downloaded all files:
1. Certification are obsolete files, and updated ones are already on Nextcloud in the Certific...
Italo Vignoli


09:08 Marketing Task #2963: Breakdown on Recurring Donations
Starting from May 2020, numbers are updated on a monthly basis. Italo Vignoli
08:59 Marketing Task #2925 (Closed): wording for small donations
Ticket closed, as the task is now handled in a different way, and messages to donors will be managed via the CMS soft... Italo Vignoli
08:55 Marketing Task #2245 (Closed): Collect LibreOffice How-To
Ticket closed, as we are publishing Tips & Tricks on a weekly basis on the blog, and tweeting on a daily basis since ... Italo Vignoli


23:46 Marketing Task #1283 (Closed): Marketing EasyHack: Create a List/Map of LibreOffice and TDF hashtags
Italo Vignoli


10:12 Marketing Task #2963 (In Progress): Breakdown on Recurring Donations
Italo Vignoli


12:07 Marketing Task #1283: Marketing EasyHack: Create a List/Map of LibreOffice and TDF hashtags
Pushed the deadline to end of May, to see if there are feedbacks from the provate marketing list Italo Vignoli

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