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10:56 2019 Conference Task #2915 (Closed): Check the Rooms for Video Recording on Monday, September 9
10:53 Marketing Task #2925: wording for small donations
Drafted a basic message, which can be tweaked according to needs. The idea of this message is to follow up via email ...


15:20 Marketing Task #2964: FOSDEM 2020
DevRoom Confirmed
Sent Main Track Proposal


19:37 Marketing Task #2963: breakdown on recurring donations
I have all data since January, I will check what is possible to do in term of breakdown of recurring donations


14:53 Marketing Task #2964 (In Progress): FOSDEM 2020
1. DevRoom
2. Main Track
3. Booth
4. Gadgets & Swag
5. Meeting Rooms
6. Dinner
7. Other Tasks


19:54 2019 Conference Task #2721: Request multimedia services budgets
We only need recording of sessions (so, no streaming). Mike and me have the video equipment to record the other two r...


00:11 Marketing Task #2932 (In Progress): map of journalists
This was easy. The map is ready, and will be updated as needed.


11:50 Marketing Task #2932: map of journalists
To be more precise, a map of the world highlighting the countries where we have a list of journalists available for p...


21:01 Marketing Task #2244: Develop Blog Posts on LibreOffice related topics
I had the idea of this task, and drafted a first article about PDF which was not picked up by journalists (this was a...
20:45 Marketing Task #2245: Collect LibreOffice How-To
The task of generating more contents is on my ToDo list, but gets constantly postponed by something more urgent. Unfo...

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