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01:35 Marketing Task #2310: order more marketing materials
I will bring all remaining t-shirts to Indonesia, so let's see what is left when I return at the end of the month.
01:30 Marketing Task #2422: Fundraising Campaign
When I scheduled the task we were in the middle of the donation issue, and the date was indeed too aggressive. For a ...


17:38 Marketing Task #2420: Add a "donate to LibreOffice" blurb to LibreOffice splashscreen or to the start center
The new incremental update process includes the possibility of adding a web link, in order to have the user redirecte...
17:36 Marketing Task #2421: Re-add call for donations buttons or blurbs to web properties
Mike has added the donation button to several web properties, and I am keeping track of results.


14:46 Marketing Task #2461: Recurring Donations Platforms
Several FOSS projects are using Patreon


22:44 Marketing Task #2453: Additional Cryptocurrencies
We already use PayPal recurring payments, but there are people who do not want to use PayPal. In addition, we are loo...
17:34 Marketing Task #2461: Recurring Donations Platforms
Wordpress Plugin:
17:06 Marketing Task #2453: Additional Cryptocurrencies
Before making any proposal, I am trying to understand the environment, as there are dozens of different opinions on c...
17:05 Marketing Task #2461 (New): Recurring Donations Platforms


12:21 Marketing Task #2215: Marketing Call
Starting from January 2018, each marketing call will have a main subject, plus topics to be discussed based on the ag...

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