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09:39 Extensions Task #3441: specify link instead of uploading the OXT
You can add just the link at "URL of the Extensions Homepage". Many do so with Github. Does this answer your question? Heiko Tietze


10:55 Extensions Task #3428: Add an extension category
I'm thinking about the tight integration dialog within the program. We added a button next to Icon Theme to get all e... Heiko Tietze


09:07 Extensions Task #3428: Add an extension category
What exactly do you mean with "category"? Another top-level item next to Extension and Template (and probably Documen... Heiko Tietze
08:52 Extensions Task #3426: Make Search Field/Button Available When Opening An Extension Page
Sounds reasonable to me. Heiko Tietze
08:46 Extensions Task #3429: Extensions ownership attribution
These extensions are maintained by Olivier. Assigning the task to him for a hand over. Heiko Tietze


08:08 Extensions Task #3269: Provide Login at the landing page
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> Heiko, what's the status of this ticket?
Dormant ;-). Would appreciate a discussion ...
Heiko Tietze


08:14 Extensions Task #3283: Measures against spam
See also rdm#3237. If we allow comments only on extensions with a maintainer, spam would be tagged more quickly. Heiko Tietze
08:11 Extensions Task #3417 (Closed): Comments not correctly assigned
/verified resolved Heiko Tietze


12:07 Extensions Task #3275: No notification for feedback at the extension
Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> "hey, there has been a new comment, please visit <page>" without providing the actual co...
Heiko Tietze


15:07 Extensions Task #3283: Measures against spam
For example we may block hyperlinks. Heiko Tietze

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