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08:57 Extensions Task #3613 (New): Sort by last modified
When loading the web site one might want to see the latest submissions. Currently we sort by name which brings extens... Heiko Tietze


10:33 Extensions Task #3429: Extensions ownership attribution
Assigned all extensions with "Basic" in the title and maintained by Olivier to you now. Let me know if something miss... Heiko Tietze
10:17 Extensions Task #3225: The tags when browsing an individual extension listing page are not clickable
I'm not aware of a view that shows all of your contributions. And do you have an example that requires this filtering... Heiko Tietze


19:35 Extensions Task #3603: How to make FR description show in the extension web page?
On top of the page you see English | French and you get French content if you have entered it. The example has only E... Heiko Tietze
19:34 Extensions Task #3215: Publication should be possible for everyone
We decided to keep the moderated workflow but have a list of trustees that can publish directly. The first issue rega... Heiko Tietze
19:27 Extensions Task #3225 (Rejected): The tags when browsing an individual extension listing page are not clickable
Closing because of insufficient information. It's just unclear why you would need to filter a single extension. Heiko Tietze
19:26 Extensions Task #3237 (Rejected): Block comments on extensions without/unclaimed maintainer
Commenters wouldn't know why it's not possible and give valuable information anyway for a maintainer later assigned. ... Heiko Tietze
19:22 Extensions Task #3402: Indicate that the last image uploaded will be the primary image
Ideally we have a (radio) button to designate one image as the default. Heiko Tietze
19:17 Extensions Task #3414 (Closed): Can't edit a template of mine
Heiko Tietze
19:15 Extensions Task #3612 (New): Special tags for filtering in LibreOffice tight extensions
Follow-up to rdm#3428.
We should... "either have another type of tag (one for the extensions site and the other fo...
Heiko Tietze

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