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Onboarding volunteers

Added by Florian Effenberger over 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Team - Recurring
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New volunteers need to be onboarded on a regular basis.

Things to share:
  • how we do things
  • how to use the tools
  • introduction to writing styles and style guides


#1 Updated by Olivier Hallot over 2 years ago

New volunteers:
Sylvia Sanchez (access to ODFAuthors)
Andrew Wetmore
Peter Toye (helpcontent)

#2 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 2 years ago

Can you give another status update on how the volunteer situation developed?

#3 Updated by Olivier Hallot over 2 years ago

Simon Quigley: Assinged a task but I had to (politely) take over because he was not productive. I will assign an easier task later.
Roger Caw: came in and is now gone, the documentation tasks available was not in his expectations
Leo Moons: Showed up in first 2 meetings but he is more concerned into volunteering for flemish (nl-BE) translations

#4 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 2 years ago

Getting more volunteers in should be a priority - this is also part of
the community inolvement discussions we had in the team, as this seems
to be a problem of several communities. Writing all on your own doesn't
scale so well, so getting volunteers in and encouraging people,
spreading the word, doing outreach should be a priority; I assume Mike
Saunders can help from the marketing POV.

#5 Updated by Olivier Hallot about 2 years ago

New contributor: Andrea Mussap

#6 Updated by Florian Effenberger almost 2 years ago

Can you give a quick status update on the contributor situation, any new supporters on the horizon?

#7 Updated by Olivier Hallot almost 2 years ago


Christina Accione
Chandanathil P. Geevan
Fabio Biochetti

#8 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Closed

Onboarding volunteers actually is a task for all TDF team members
Currently restructuring the tickets a bit, so closing this one; I'll follow-up with separate tickets on calls, EasyHacks etc.

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