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16:14 Websites Task #3743 (New): Blog (wordpress) does not display videos in pages
As editor, I can upload MP4 and WEBM videos in the media library of TDF BLOG.
However upon embedding in the page, ...
Olivier Hallot


10:09 Documentation Task #3704 (New): LibreOffice Help XHP editor redesign/evolution
The LibreOffice Help XHP Editor was designed to edit and display Help files in the development phase.
The editor i...
Olivier Hallot


21:46 Documentation Task #3700: LibeOffice Help redesign/evolution
# SEO techniques are welcome as well Olivier Hallot
21:43 Documentation Task #3700 (In Progress): LibeOffice Help redesign/evolution
LibreOffice Help was ported to Web pages to benefit of the modern browser technology for a better user experience.
Olivier Hallot


14:51 Documentation Task #3680 (New): should be improved...
In addition to the link to OASYS TC for OpenDocument, I suggest a second link directly to the ODF 1.3 published speci... Olivier Hallot


19:57 Documentation Task #3650: Exclude pages with indexer="exclude" from search results
A second look at this task and the issue is to be addressed in bugzilla, as it is part of the software makefile.
Olivier Hallot


21:47 Extensions Task #3641: Documentation documents should not be available in the Extensions/Template site
Jean-Francois Nifenecker wrote in #note-3:
> Hello Olivier,
> thanks for the detailed response. I've now got a ...
Olivier Hallot


14:19 Extensions Task #3641: Documentation documents should not be available in the Extensions/Template site
The reference cards are currently availbale in the website Documentation [2] as indicated, but redirects to the Exten... Olivier Hallot


19:49 Infrastructure Task #3301: Webpage opened by Help - User Guides for Czech locale
The website is not deprecated and has traffic on it.
The cs/ pages were created in t...
Olivier Hallot


10:56 Documentation Task #3472 (Closed): Manage LibreOffice Help contents and tools
Olivier Hallot

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