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15:19 Key Goals Task #3113: KG22.03 - Grow Non-Coding Community
I was more involved in the Brazilian Community, whcih is close to me, but some activities with the Hispanic community... Olivier Hallot


00:47 Documentation Task #3524 (New): Fix the upload script for bookshelf
The upload script is tuned for Help online.
It need to be modified for the bookshelf filesystem https://books.libr...
Olivier Hallot
00:41 Documentation Task #3523 (New): Implemets Omindex/Xapian search in pages
Xapian and Omindex already work for the Help pages, and exist in the bookshelf server.
Task is to enable for the g...
Olivier Hallot
00:24 Documentation Task #3522 (New): Set a Responsive page for Guides, for tablets
The current responsive design needs improvements for tablet displays.
The display should stack the sectio...
Olivier Hallot


16:26 Documentation Task #3521 (New): Project "Guides Online"
This is a *META ticket* for the activities related to the Guides Online project
Objective: Port LibreOffice Guides...
Olivier Hallot
15:54 Documentation Task #3470 (Closed): Google Season of Documentation 2021
TDF was not elected for 2021 GSOD.
See in 2022.
Olivier Hallot


12:47 Documentation Task #3471: Manage publication of LibreOffice Guides 2021
Task 3:
More work and a landing page at
First book online: https://books.lib...
Olivier Hallot


12:30 Documentation Task #3473 (New): Manage TDF E-learning on LibreOffice contents
A Moodle instance is online for e-learning on LibreOffice topics
# Manage as administrator of the service contents...
Olivier Hallot
12:25 Documentation Task #3472 (New): Manage LibreOffice Help contents and tools
Manage LibreOffice Help contents and tools
* Create contents (new patches)
* Refactor contents when necessary (ne...
Olivier Hallot
12:19 Documentation Task #3471 (New): Manage publication of LibreOffice Guides 2021
Coordinate actions for the documentation team
# Publish guides in
# Blog po...
Olivier Hallot

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