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12:58 Documentation Task #2938: XHP editor
Software development is a never ending improvement game.
I recomend that the continuation and improvements of the ...
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22:04 Documentation Task #2394: master ticket for new documentation approach
Latests 6 mo activities related to documentation
- restored extended tips from Help in the user interface, coodina...
Olivier Hallot
21:56 Documentation Task #2862: Redirect Help wiki’s main page to new browser-based help
The old page shows in Google because of the organic indexing, started a decade ago. We have refactored the help websi... Olivier Hallot
21:42 Documentation Task #2938: XHP editor
The editor was announced in FOSDEM 2020.
TDF Blog post at
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00:14 Infrastructure Task #3308: MOODLE
Guilhem Moulin wrote:
> Please set a desired deadline. “Priority high”? It's the holiday season, I'll be gone to...
Olivier Hallot


15:44 Infrastructure Task #3308 (New): MOODLE
To fulfil the E-Learning project of Google Season of Doc 2020, we need a MOODLE instance available in our premises.
Olivier Hallot


13:48 Native Language Task #3277 (New): Subscribe to Google Translator for documentation translation jobs
Bringing demand from the documentation list (by Milos Sramek)
I fully agree with his view, the quality of these au...
Olivier Hallot


15:52 Extensions Task #3234 (New): Allow sort default extension list by date, newer first, or better, let user choose sort date ascending/descending
The current default extension list order is older first (today I see PIMACO labels I uploaded during test phase).
Olivier Hallot


16:10 Extensions Task #3229: Introduce "top-level" tags
Main category:
[LibreOffice] Documentation
Sub categories
- Books
- Quick Reference Cards
- Tutorials
- Misc...
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16:34 Extensions Task #3232 (Closed): Add link to extension in the thumbnails
After selecting a tag, the list of extensions shows.
For example,
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