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Subscribe to Google Translator for documentation translation jobs

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Bringing demand from the documentation list (by Milos Sramek)

I fully agree with his view, the quality of these automated translation is very acceptable, modulo a review by a translation team member.

The amount charged seems rather low for the benefit we get.


would it be possible that The Document Foundation sets up a Google
Translate (GT) account and makes it accessible to translators?

In translation of the Guides we use the GT service, either to translate
English to Czech or Slovak, or Czech to or from Slovak.

Quality of GT translations has significantly improved over the last
years, quite often such translation can be accepted without changes.

We use these translations in OmegaT to translate the Guides. The
translations are produced offline by a script and loaded in OmegaT to an
auxiliary translation memory, from where they can be fetched easily (GT
can be directly used as a service, but it is a bit cumbersome, because
it changes things like quotation marks, tags etc. These are fixed by the

GT is a paid service (not expensive, I think USD20 / 1 000 000
characters). I think that the service can be used also to translate the
help files. I is probably not useful to translate the GUI files.

Our experience is that such translation speeds up the translation
process a lot. Maybe that accessibility of such service will motivate
others to translate the guides or the help.


Milos Sramek,



Updated by Beluga Beluga over 1 year ago

Now there is a suprising option: machine translation client-side in the user's browser:

Acceptable performance even with older hardware.

Also available in: Atom PDF