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13:42 Infrastructure Task #3644: Upgrade the Documentation Foundation Wiki to use Vecter 2022 skin
The skin comes with MediaWiki 1.38 and above, so with the next LTS upgrade to 1.39, we could use it. However, I under... Beluga Beluga


13:06 Extensions Task #3634: Clicking on tags does not filter (anymore)
Juan José González wrote in #note-2:
> I wrote a commit to fix this, although before merging it I would like to know...
Beluga Beluga


18:48 Infrastructure Task #3247 (Closed): Merge all three of the Flatpak, Snap and AppImage pages into one
Done for new site in Beluga Beluga
16:27 Infrastructure Task #2825 (Closed): Re-design of LibreOffice Viewer for Android page
Now the situation changed and the page reads:
While The Document Foundation doesn’t currently offer an Android or ...
Beluga Beluga
16:15 Infrastructure Task #3421 (Closed): Accessing the Redmine pages is complicated (to say the least)
I updated the French page Beluga Beluga
12:22 Infrastructure Task #3627 (Closed): Button to start search (as alternative to keypress)
Beluga Beluga
12:21 Infrastructure Task #3626 (Closed): Missing 2021 Annual Report
Beluga Beluga
12:20 Infrastructure Feature #1533 (Closed): Improve Help text
Beluga Beluga
12:17 Infrastructure Task #3538 (Closed): Information about mailing lists not discoverable on website
"Added a link to the mailing list page": Beluga Beluga


16:52 Infrastructure Task #3627: Button to start search (as alternative to keypress)
Stéphane Guillou wrote:
> For accessibility reasons, a search button has been requested for the website.
> On t...
Beluga Beluga

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