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16:27 Infrastructure Task #3076 (New): Crash reporting assistant should limit the Bugzilla summary to 255 characters
> I cannot believe that you are repeatedly wiping ...
Beluga Beluga


18:03 Infrastructure Feature #1532 (Closed): Use unique site logos for WIKI and WIKIHELP
Beluga Beluga
17:50 Infrastructure Bug #1500: push commit upstream
LegNeato asked a question 2 months after the creation of the PR, but did not receive an answer. Beluga Beluga
17:49 Infrastructure Bug #198: Askbot displaying problems
The squishing of the height happens when the browser window width is less than 961px. It is not dependent on IE11.
Beluga Beluga
11:00 Infrastructure Task #2556: Update or remove “readme” page at
After this patch readme.xrm points to the at the root of LibO cor... Beluga Beluga


22:31 Infrastructure Task #2627 (Closed): I'm furious
Beluga Beluga
22:28 Infrastructure Task #2467 (Closed): Use HTTPS in all templates
Beluga Beluga
22:27 Infrastructure Task #2382 (Closed): Applied background color is removed after we save and open the csv file in LibreOffice Calc version
Beluga Beluga
22:26 Infrastructure Task #2248: mirror is not working
Works for me with Firefox 71 on Linux. Anyone still have problems? Beluga Beluga
22:22 Infrastructure Task #2172 (Closed): Install a better theme for Redmine
Beluga Beluga

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