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09:52 Infrastructure Task #3683 (Closed): Problem with bug 134115
There is a problem with the automated messages since about a month. The people responsible know this. I hope the auto... Beluga Beluga


20:38 Websites Task #3663: Navigation in blog website is not long enough to show Donate button
St├ęphane Guillou wrote in #note-2:
> Related to this issue is the problem with the last menu buttons (currently Merch...
Beluga Beluga


16:07 Extensions Task #3676 (Closed): Add link to the Extensions website from
Shortcode done in Beluga Beluga


10:21 Extensions Task #3676: Add link to the Extensions website from
Already done for "the unreleased new website":, lin... Beluga Beluga


17:06 Extensions Task #3673 (Closed): Forward to default page if localization is not available
Already reported as Beluga Beluga


07:10 Infrastructure Task #3670: The Help page must be in the first level of Get Help menu (front page)
The new design has a flatter navigation hierarchy, what do you think: Beluga Beluga


12:38 Infrastructure Task #3651 (New): ARM versions for Windows should be available on the download page
Moved from Beluga Beluga


12:56 Infrastructure Task #2882 (Closed): Translate extension: new config option to always display language links
I tested this locally and with Vector skin, the languages don't appear in the sidebar. Rather, they are hidden behind... Beluga Beluga


13:41 Release Engineering Task #3623 (Closed): Appimage builds
As the links work, I guess this can be closed. Beluga Beluga


13:42 Infrastructure Task #3644: Upgrade the Documentation Foundation Wiki to use Vecter 2022 skin
The skin comes with MediaWiki 1.38 and above, so with the next LTS upgrade to 1.39, we could use it. However, I under... Beluga Beluga

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