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"Salutation" field in Membership form is too limited and not inclusive

Added by St├ęphane Guillou 5 months ago.

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Currently, the "Salutation" field in Membership application form is a mandatory field that only offers two choices:

  • Mrs.
  • Mr.

There are a few issues with this:

  1. The name of the field, "Salutation", is not accurate in English. A more common name should be "Title", but it could also be called "Honorific". (But happy to be corrected here, as English is my third language, and there are many different variations of English I am not familiar with.)
  2. The choices are very limited, and not inclusive. "Mr" is quite generic for men in that it usually applies to all, but "Mrs" is used specifically for married women. Apart from the fact that this distinction is inherently problematic, the list should at least give three extra options: Miss (not married), Ms (married status not specified) and Mx (a common alternative for non-binary folks).
  3. The fact that the field is mandatory is a problem, as even if the list is extended, there will always be people who will not find something suitable in it, or who would prefer to not specify a title. We could instead add a free text field; or add a "no title / other" option that creates an empty entry; or make the field optional.

What I suggest is:

  1. Figure out first if this field is actually necessary. Is the information important, and used at all? If we can do away with it, remove it entirely.
  2. If it is indeed necessary, add the following 4 options: Miss; Ms; Mx; Free text field or "other/none" ( or make the field optional )
  3. Rename the field "Title".

I think this is important to fix as, in its current form, the membership application de facto excludes many women, as well as non-binary people.

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