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We would like the design team to help design a special logo for the conference.

Attached is some inspiration.
Information (and pictures) about the venue:
About Aarhus:

Line, You can upload more images to this task.


Billede-005-754.jpg (12.6 KB) Billede-005-754.jpg View over the harbour Leif Lodahl, 2014-10-21 18:02
LiboCon_Logo.png (51.2 KB) LiboCon_Logo.png Logo suggestion Leif Lodahl, 2014-10-26 09:49
tegning.svg (420 KB) tegning.svg Logo suggestion (SVG) Leif Lodahl, 2014-10-26 09:49
Logo_buildings_Aarhus.jpg (662 KB) Logo_buildings_Aarhus.jpg Line Dybdahl, 2014-10-27 07:33
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For the image "Logo_buildings_Aarhus" there are some explainations. the buildings are explained from left:
All buildings are cultural institutes in Aarhus, The venue of LibreOffice Conference is building five (the one to the rigth), and the city hall tower is the forth and are the most iconic buildings for the conference/city along with the building in the middle which is Aros.
1. Moesgaard Museum: just build museum in Aarhus which shows exibitions mainly about prehistory and etnography. for further information:
2. Godsbanen (old building site for trains which has been modernized) is a centre for cultural production in Aarhus with workshops, studies, teatre and other cultural areas.
for further information:
3. Aros Museum: a newly build museum in the center of Aarhus. with its iconic top "my rainbow panorama" gives a 360 degree view of the city in all of the rainbows colors: for further information:
4. City Hall Tower: Iconic building of Aarhus, which has been designed by two famouse Danish architechs in 1941 and still stands as an icon for the city.
5. Urban Media Space Aarhus - Dokk1. this is the venue of the LibreOffice conference. the building is not yet finished but will be in the beginning of 2015. it will be a centre of knwoledge, citizens to come and learn and interact, a place to meet the municipality and to meet with fellow citizens for a common cause like a book reading. for furhter information:

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