Task #2352

Updated by Xisco Fauli Tarazona almost 5 years ago

This tasks is about regularly running office-interoperability-tools regularly against master builds 

 The code is here: 

 which has been deployed in: 

 <document type> = 'writer' || 'word' || 'impress' || 'powerpoint' 

 1. Connect to 
 2. Download the latest daily build with: ./ < link to the .deb file in from > ( do not use the updater build ) 
 3. Run ./ ( check each office-interoperability-tools/documents/<document type>/ Untar it: tar zxvf <name of the file> 
 4. do 'for i in *.deb; do dpkg-deb -x $i . ; done' inside the DEBS directory 
 5. Move the libreofficedevX.X folder to see everything is alright. ) /mnt/tests/ 
 4. 6. Go to 'office-interoperability-tools/documents/<document type>/' /mnt/tests/office-interoperability-tools/documents/word for RTF/DOC/DOCX files 
 4. 6a. Go /mnt/tests/office-interoperability-tools/documents/ for PPT/PPTX files 
 7. Change LOMASTERPROG in accordingly 
 8. Run 'bash' ( it will take a week or so ) 
 9. Run '../../scripts/ (--regression|--improvement) -new -1 <new build dir> -old dir>/all.csv -2 <old build dir>/all.csv --output -o results.ods 
 5. 10. Mount the ssh folder locally in your computer: 'sshfs<document type> <local dir> 
 6. 11. Check the results and report the regressions adding '[Bug found by office-interoperability-tools]' at the end of the report 

 You can download new files like 
 ./scripts/get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype [document type]