Task #1481

Updated by Xisco Fauli Tarazona over 4 years ago

We want to have our own TDF-provided Bibisect repositories. 
 The scope of this ticket is to regularly produce Bibisect repositories for 

 * Windows 
 * Linux 
 * Mac OS X 

 with all the flavors and branches we need. These should be produced by TDF staff, on officially TDF-hosted machines. The platform should be maintained by infra, while the Bibisect repositories should be managed by assignee. 

 How to setup a new repository ( using lode ) 
 - ./setup --help 
 - ./setup --new bibisect/coreXX 
 - mv /dev/bibisect/coreXX to bibisect/ 
 - copy autogen.input from previous builds to the current one 
 - copy old .bibisect/loXX to .bibisect/loYY 
 - edit the new loYY 
 - go to jenkins - new item - copy existing item ( lo_bibisect_XX_Y_Y ) 

 How to setup a new repository in gerrit 
 - Write project name ( use these as reference --> ) 
 - Change rights to 'Inherit from Dev-ACL-Template' 
 - ssh -p 22 
 - cd /srv/repositories/<new repository name> 
 - copy config file from another existing repository 
 - Edit the config file 
 - touch git-daemon-export-ok 
 - git remote update ( While the origin repo is not being built ) 

 Use this script < > for building bibisect-linux-64-releases