Task #1158

Updated by Florian Effenberger about 3 years ago

Every service that is either

* running on
We need to draft a TDF IP
* and/or running on a TDF hostname
* and/or provides productive
policy for services for the LibreOffice community

needs to follow a basic service policy, which needs to be drafted, announced
in public (!) and enforce those then enforced with a sensible (!) deadline (2-3 months from the time of announcement).
Key items:

Some ideas for the content:

* ask for proper documentation
* for mass-deployable services, have infra work on Salt recipes
* name
at least two responsible parties, with e-mail and one other mean of communication parties per service
* document backup needs
* document necessity for open ports
* document necessity for own public IPv4
* legal compliance
proper documentation in the infra repo

We might consider moving Otherwise, some tiered reaction, up to putting service out of production into a two-tier model, where services not following the above rules in due time get moved to a testing test environment with restricted incoming and outgoing traffic, and a prominent "-test" in the hostname.