Task #108

Updated by Florian Effenberger about 3 years ago

/etc/cron.d/php has received some modifications on our setup to cope with load, which needs to be documented. Quoting from an old e-mail:

No, commented out the original line with the command and put the
changed one underneath.

The debian bug that resulted in the addition of the fuser call is btw. The
reason it states are:

The crontab /etc/cron.d/php5 will, in certain circumstances,
prematurely delete session files, resulting in error messages in
scripts which were using those sessions.

Circumstances in which this might occur are:
* A script has been running longer than the configured session
maxlifetime, and still has a session open.
* A script which as resumed an existing session, but the end of the
session maxlifetime falls within the window of that script's

So in my opionion we can live with that, the session time is so long....