Task #1333

Updated by Florian Effenberger over 8 years ago

We do have an events calendar in the wiki at and which is maintained mostly by Marc Paré. 
 This calendar needs regular updating 

 Information Italo, as the one in charge for marketing, should regularly update and maintain it, and - if known - also add a note (e.g. maybe a different color/category of the events) for those events where at least one LibreOffice representative representatives 

 * attends, or attend 
 * gives give at talk/join a talk, or 
 * joins a panel discussion, or discussion 
 * staffs have a booth 

 need to be compiled. Data required is: 

 * country, citiy and location of the event 
 * event's name 
 * organizer(s) on behalf of the LibreOffice project 
 * attendees on behalf of the LibreOffice project 
 * URL of conference 
 * URL of slideware/videos 

 Optionally, we can split up into various categories and tags, e.g. by 

 * continent 
 * country 
 * size 
 * audience 
 * category: conference, trade show, informal meeting 

 Optionally, we can also collect dates for Call for Papers (CfP) and Call for Locations (CfL). 
 Optionally, we can also migrate to our ownCloud instance.