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11:50 Extensions Task #3264: Sort Tag labels
Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> alphabetic is problematic when it comes to tranlations - or are we OK with having labels...
Andreas Kainz
11:48 Extensions Task #3276: Rating
Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> so which one should it be then? the terse one will save some space and guess also offers...
Andreas Kainz


10:30 Extensions Task #3234: Allow sort default extension list by date, newer first, or better, let user choose sort date ascending/descending
sorting isn't implemented, at least the sorting as it is now is useless. Andreas Kainz


10:38 Extensions Task #3276 (Closed): Rating
In the overview page there is one star with an number nearby and in the detail view there are 5 start some are filled... Andreas Kainz
10:33 Extensions Task #3264: Sort Tag labels
+1 for alphabetic
and + 100 for rdm#3229 top level tags.
Andreas Kainz


13:55 Extensions Task #3264 (Closed): Sort Tag labels
It would be nice if we can change the arrangement of the tags. Now the tags are sorted according when an label was ad... Andreas Kainz


21:35 Extensions Task #3222: mobile-friendly/non-table-style release list when applicable
I suggest to have only one entry for the realse page. for the import you have to do it (maybe) manualy. If wanted I c... Andreas Kainz
00:05 Extensions Task #3222: mobile-friendly/non-table-style release list when applicable
Attached an proposal for the Release List download option.
As written instead of the big blue download button it w...
Andreas Kainz


23:41 Extensions Task #3230: Add link to extension in the thumbnails
why is this issue closed? I can't click on the thumbnail to get to the detail page of the extension. Andreas Kainz
13:59 Extensions Task #3217: Where is the source code?
I think that Adolfo and I are willing to do some css and html changes for the extension page. So it's more like if wa... Andreas Kainz

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