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Added by Andreas Kainz 8 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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The Release List html table didn't work on different form factors.

As an extension submiter you can only add content to Release notes but not to description (which is ok as simplyfication) but than you have to have in the Release List html table ONLY Release notes and drop Description. (old extensions have content in Description and new extensions in Release notes)


Download Release.png (33.5 KB) Download Release.png Andreas Kainz, 2020-06-03 00:04



Updated by Andreas Kainz 8 months ago

It would be nice to see an mimetype icon the download name and size instead of an stupid download button.


Updated by Andreas Kainz 8 months ago

Attached an proposal for the Release List download option.

As written instead of the big blue download button it would be nice to have the mimetype icon, filename and filesize for the download.


Updated by Christian Lohmaier 8 months ago

oups - actually not being able to specify the description when creating an entry was an oversight - or rather it first was planned out without it, but a description field was later added since it was used on the old site/to be able to import it - but at that time it should also have been added to the UI.

As for the mockup: how would it work with multiple releases, and an entry with a verbose release-notes entry?


Updated by Andreas Kainz 8 months ago

I suggest to have only one entry for the realse page. for the import you have to do it (maybe) manualy. If wanted I can do it.

If there are more releases, than there are more boxes like you have it for extensions. And if there is no release note entry it's the same than now in the extension overview page. There will be no entry. I think that an mimetype layout is more usefull than an download button where you don't know what you download.


Updated by Heiko Tietze 7 months ago

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Missing release description needs to be fixed => assigned.

I don't think the download button is "stupid". Since we need to support multiple releases, not only versions maybe but also OS, language etc., we need buttons. Don't see MIME type icons working here neither extension logos. And clicking those icons is also not the usual interaction.

But the DL size sounds like an interesting addition.


Updated by Christian Lohmaier 7 months ago

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a single download doesn't really work if an extension has different requriements or different language support and has multiple files for that reason.
Also some extensions have the extension and additional documentation in different files. A one-button/style can be done when there's just a single release item, but there still needs to be a way to access the older/other releases (if there are any), after all those can still be helpful for troubleshooting, etc.
Probably cannot squeeze it into December anymore, so up for next year..

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