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18:59 Infrastructure Task #3660: tdf-internal archives missing
Guilhem Moulin wrote in #note-1:
> Meaning, the list has no HTML archives, just like other lists under the lists.tdf...
Simon Phipps
18:31 Infrastructure Task #3660 (New): tdf-internal archives missing
The MailMan page at says:
> To see the collecti...
Simon Phipps


12:00 Key Goals Task #3117: KG22.05 - Marketing Must Emphasise Project Over Product
Recalling the discussion around this goal, the subtasks overlook the most important aspect, which is to refocus marke... Simon Phipps


02:37 Infrastructure Task #2813: connect UK SIP number to Jitsi
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> Any progress on this one? Should be ~trivial to do and would be very helpful indeed.
Simon Phipps


14:05 Marketing Task #1816: update TDF website with new board
*SImon Phipps*
Independent volunteer, first involved in 2000
Simon watched go open source at OSC...
Simon Phipps


14:40 Marketing Task #1107 (New): Offer Member web-graphic to let TDF Members self-identify
When I became a member of TDF, I wanted people to know. So I added a graphic to my web page to indicate it. I would b... Simon Phipps
14:12 Marketing Feature #689: Badges
All this discussion sounds very formal. I have been thinking about what would be useful as a way of demonstrating rec... Simon Phipps

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