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11:54 Infrastructure Task #3677: Jenkins tries to build feature branches
Gabor Kelemen wrote:
> See for example
> Recently Jenkins started t...
Guilhem Moulin


15:54 Infrastructure Task #2893 (Closed): evaluate cloud hosting
Guilhem Moulin
15:53 Infrastructure Task #3418 (Closed): Lower time spend in Gerrit's "remote: Counting objects" phase during fetch
Closing this as done since the migration to a backend with faster disk I/O. Guilhem Moulin


15:08 Infrastructure Task #3154 (Closed): get disk replacement for tb78 (okul) - one of the windows jenkins bots at Manitu
Guilhem Moulin


11:18 Infrastructure Task #3661 (Closed): Linkify cool#foo issues
Done, but IIRC gerrit won't pick the update until the next reload which is delayed to after office hours (tonight). Guilhem Moulin


18:47 Infrastructure Task #3660: tdf-internal archives missing
> Private archive file not found
Meaning, the list has no HTML archives, just like other lists under the lists.tdf...
Guilhem Moulin


01:58 Infrastructure Task #1585: single sign-on (SSO)
Thorsten Behrens wrote in #note-35:
> Bringing up 2FA again
That should have warranted a separate ticket (thanks ...
Guilhem Moulin


22:43 Infrastructure Task #3649 (Closed): History in opengrok is broken
Thanks for the report, fixed Guilhem Moulin


00:33 Infrastructure Task #3644 (Closed): Upgrade the Documentation Foundation Wiki to use Vecter 2022 skin
Guilhem Moulin


23:20 Infrastructure Task #3644: Upgrade the Documentation Foundation Wiki to use Vecter 2022 skin
Florian Effenberger wrote in #note-2:
> Something maybe for Dennis, if he still takes care of the wiki?
Dennis ha...
Guilhem Moulin

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