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13:15 Infrastructure Task #3341 (In Progress): Implement Single Log-Out system
Guilhem Moulin wrote in #note-6:
> I see now that Discourse has a SAML2.0 plugin, probably something to try out.
Guilhem Moulin


15:24 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
Sophie Gautier wrote in #note-50:
> Agreed on that, let's not limit to Q&A if we further extend Discourse usage in th...
Guilhem Moulin


02:05 Infrastructure Task #3520: CppCheck Report on vm140 Not Running
Unassigned self: This machine isn't managed by salt, user accounts in particular are not provisioned. Guilhem Moulin


16:56 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
Beluga Beluga wrote in #note-46:
> * How to match categories? Probably a static dictionary of language categories af...
Guilhem Moulin
16:01 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
Guilhem Moulin wrote in #note-12:
> and email replies/newposts are currently not enabled
This is now configured: ...
Guilhem Moulin


13:15 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
Some crude metrics to guestimate the time required for migration (during which we'll make AskBot read-only): we have... Guilhem Moulin


00:33 Board Public Task #3251: Digital tool for participation improvement
Uwe Altmann wrote in #note-26:
> maybe they're not installed properly?
A visit to the .svg URL show they are inst...
Guilhem Moulin


19:37 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
I was unable to find attachments in the db schemas. Links appear to be hardcoded in the post source: https://github.... Guilhem Moulin
13:10 Infrastructure Task #2952: Evaluate Discourse
Beluga Beluga wrote in #note-42:
> A thing I am currently interested in solving and hope that Guilhem can help with:...
Guilhem Moulin


11:49 Infrastructure Task #3098: Pretalx instance
Sophie Gautier wrote:
> I'd say end of May, so both Italo and me have time to remember how to manage it :) Thanks!
Guilhem Moulin

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