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17:28 Infrastructure Task #2437 (Closed): Wiki help redirection does not work
The “WikihelpRedirect” extension was in fact broken since the HelpWiki was migrated away from kermit and upgraded to ...


01:18 Infrastructure Task #2433: Screenshot daily build currently busted
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> > But I don't have admin rights to reboot this machine.
> > Anybody has rights?


12:44 Infrastructure Task #2372: Renaming of Turkish web page URLs
The site maintainers should be able to make the edit; and Gökhan in particular, as I granted him permissions during L...


21:01 Infrastructure Task #2431 (Closed): SSL Cert Error: Insecure Connection on Code Coverage Website
The cert didn't expire, I guess your browser simply removed StartCom from their CA store. Didn't issue certs from Le...


14:13 Infrastructure Task #2208: add missing hosts to monitoring
From the Nov. 21 infra call minutes:
+ [rdm#2208] add missing hosts to monitoring
- we need to run salt o...


17:43 Infrastructure Task #1585: single sign-on (SSO)
Guilhem Moulin wrote:
> last time I checked, of the 400-ish contributors of the past 90 days only 50 or so have a *v...


18:48 Infrastructure Task #1910: need auto-reply text for
In retrospect it was a bad idea to REJECT the RCPT TO, because some SMTPd use address verification probes (not follow...


03:50 Infrastructure Task #2141: Replacing reCAPTCHA with self-hosted version
We're currently using reCAPTCHA v2 as plugins to MediaWiki, Askbot, Plone ( and Si...
03:32 Infrastructure Task #2210: monitoring notifications
From the Nov. 21 infra call minutes:
* SMS is the way to go, but we need to the ability to specify schedules
03:16 Infrastructure Task #2340: LibreOffice download page - please change torrent file to be downloaded using https instead of current http link
Adding Cloph to the Watchers list as I'm not quite sure how the download page is generated. I assume you have a scri...

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