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16:11 Release Engineering Task #1481: Bibisect repositories
Or better, creation + fetch in a single command:... Guilhem Moulin


17:12 Release Engineering Task #1481: Bibisect repositories
With the upcoming gerrit upgrade/refactoring I'd like to take the opportunity to consolidate that too. Details were ... Guilhem Moulin


21:39 Infrastructure Task #2037 (Closed): UK User Requesting LibO 5.2.1 Download Directed to (Extremely slow) Mirror in Czech Republic
Sorry for not dealing with that in time, was probably a transient glitch with the GeoIP database. Closing now as the... Guilhem Moulin
21:31 Infrastructure Task #1909 (Closed): upgrade gerrit to 2.11.9 - keyboard control fix for firefox (ctrl+c, ctrl+t)
Closing, we're on 2.13 now. IIRC the upgrade to ≥2.11.9 took place in Feb 2018. Guilhem Moulin
21:13 Infrastructure Task #1544 (Closed): LibreOffice Conference Website 2012 - Static HTML - Upload Place
Done (both 2012 and 2013) during the migration from kermit in April 2017. Guilhem Moulin
21:05 Infrastructure Task #1314 (Closed): make sure cdrom media is disabled - otherwise apt-get sits there consuming 100% CPU waiting for cdrom to be hooked up
Closing, since Dec 2017 the sources.list(5) file is entirely generated from salt and only contain the strict minimum:... Guilhem Moulin
16:10 Infrastructure Task #2638: Badges for the community (OpenBadges)
> Do we put these curl queries into a cron job, so they're done once a day, or something like that?
Not yet, what ...
Guilhem Moulin
15:42 Infrastructure Task #2801: Redmine reminder e-mails
cron runs a single @rake redmine:send_reminders@ with some hardcoded parameters, namely the user ID list and number o... Guilhem Moulin
05:46 Infrastructure Task #2929: evaluate Redmine calendar plugin
> We can easily patch the source to remove the parameters in the ICS links if desired. Download will work as long as ... Guilhem Moulin
05:16 Infrastructure Task #2929 (Feedback): evaluate Redmine calendar plugin has links showing the visitor's *RSS key* (if authenticated) h... Guilhem Moulin

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