Krasnaya Ploshchad’




09:00 Infrastructure Task #2141: Replacing reCAPTCHA
Is there any site still relying on reCAPTCHA? I discovered a good replacement of that, and it doesn't be banned by Ch... Krasnaya Ploshchad’


11:14 Infrastructure Task #2141: Replacing reCAPTCHA
If there are no good alternates to reCAPTCHA, and Google’s releases doesn’t works well on our server, we can close th... Krasnaya Ploshchad’


07:18 Infrastructure Task #2775: Integrating TemplateStyles extension for our wiki
Adolfo Jayme Barrientos wrote:
> As an alternative to the extension, you can just ping me with whatever CSS updates ...
Krasnaya Ploshchad’


08:10 Infrastructure Task #2775 (New): Integrating TemplateStyles extension for our wiki
MediaWiki released TemplateStyles extension last year. with this extension any experienced editors would be allowed t... Krasnaya Ploshchad’
07:15 Infrastructure Task #2774 (New): Using reCAPTCHA fallback service
LibreOffice Chinese forum reported reCAPTCHA has alternative site to provide the service:
Krasnaya Ploshchad’


19:13 Infrastructure Task #2519: Disable google service on for zh-cn seems accessable without reCAPTCHA. Krasnaya Ploshchad’
19:12 Infrastructure Task #2443: Support HTTP/2 protocol for all TDF backends
Once we made the implementation, I think we should also make improves in LibreOffice to make it support HTTPS/2 acces... Krasnaya Ploshchad’


04:40 Extensions Task #2580: Check Compatibilty of LibreOffice Extensions With Newest LibreOffice Versions
TDF Bugzilla have reported that a user got affected by uncompatible extension. As his report, he was failed to instal... Krasnaya Ploshchad’


17:47 Infrastructure Task #2141: Replacing reCAPTCHA
Looks sad that reCAPTCHA has security holes. Krasnaya Ploshchad’


18:46 Infrastructure Task #2511: Update MediaWiki backend in Wiki site
Adolfo Jayme Barrientos wrote:
> Just upgrading MediaWiki won’t get you that previewing feature if this extension is...
Krasnaya Ploshchad’

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