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11:46 Infrastructure Task #3677 (New): Jenkins tries to build feature branches
See for example
Recently Jenkins started to try to build patches in ...
Gabor Kelemen


11:49 Infrastructure Task #3614 (New): BZ: Hide Regression-By field for non-logged in users
Bugzilla got the new Regression-By field, which happens to be visible even without login.
Request is to hide this fi...
Gabor Kelemen


15:57 Infrastructure Task #3565: New Bugzilla field request: Regression-By
Adolfo Jayme Barrientos wrote in #note-4:
> How one uses language matters, so let’s try to entirely remove the perso...
Gabor Kelemen


16:15 Infrastructure Task #3565: New Bugzilla field request: Regression-By
@Xisco I like the concept of limiting this fields visibility to the longer term contributors. Gabor Kelemen


13:51 Infrastructure Task #3565 (New): New Bugzilla field request: Regression-By
When dealing with regressions, it turns out to be somewhat difficult for one developer to see all their regressions i... Gabor Kelemen


10:30 Infrastructure Task #3527 (New): Doxygen links missing from
Recently has lost the links to the doxygen documentation under the modules.
Such as ...
Gabor Kelemen


15:47 Infrastructure Task #3468 (Closed): Bugzilla shows attachment links with http:// instead of https://
This is just a minimal inconvenience, but anyways:
When someone links another attachment on Bugzilla, like in:
Gabor Kelemen


08:43 Infrastructure Task #3457 (Closed): Incorrect redirect for get-help/documentation
We just noticed this tip of the day:
Gabor Kelemen


09:26 Infrastructure Task #2948 (Closed): Nightly Windows builds gone
Just noticed - while trying to use SI-GUI to update the nightly version - that all nightly Windows builds are now dow... Gabor Kelemen


13:22 Infrastructure Task #2660 (Closed): Daily dev-builds stopped for Windows@42
These daily builds stopped updating on the 23rd, also we had trouble installing the last few versions - see screensho... Gabor Kelemen

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