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21:59 Infrastructure Task #1535 (Closed): Change Default Bugzilla Architecture from "Other" to "All"
Currently the default architecture for bugzilla is "Other" - this is literally never applicable. My suggestion:
Joel Madero


04:25 Infrastructure Task #1263 (Rejected): Change bibisect behavior to prevent wasted time
I'm not entirely sure how bibisect works but I don't think it's as efficient as it could be.
The best bet would b...
Joel Madero


16:26 Infrastructure Bug #1146 (New): Jenkins That QA Has Access To To Modify Commits
Create a new jenkins machine that allows QA to easily log in and either remove or add a commit. Include the a...
Joel Madero


15:27 Infrastructure Feature #548: Create Windows UI for bibisect
No urgency at all but when it's started can Cloph poke me on IRC or over email - there are some kinks in the current ... Joel Madero


18:10 Infrastructure Feature #1066 (Closed): Reporting a NEW bug report should default to LibreOffice product
I just noticed that we now have a whole list of advanced products on our bugzilla instance. I really think we should ... Joel Madero
18:03 Infrastructure Feature #1065 (Closed): Lock Severity and Priority Fields in Bugzilla
As discussed repetitively - locking priority/severity from regular users would have a lot of benefits:
*Give these...
Joel Madero


15:08 Infrastructure Task #598: Git + Bibisect
Florian Effenberger wrote:
> Assigning to Cloph, as he or Robinson are the most likely takers ;-)
> Joel, can you g...
Joel Madero


17:49 Infrastructure Feature #606 (Closed): Stress Test Bug Tracker Instance
I think next step for migration is to stress test. Making this a sub issue.
@Robinson - please add other sub issue...
Joel Madero


16:32 Infrastructure Support #599 (Closed): QA To-Do's
We talked about using non-bugzilla trackers on the ESC call and dicided we really dont want that for anything directl... Joel Madero
16:27 Infrastructure Task #598 (Closed): Git + Bibisect
The task to be carried out is to get one repository for bibisect, available via git, that provides everything availab... Joel Madero

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