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12:19 Proteus Task #3710: SSO login problems
Fallback for people who want to apply / update their membership: please consider using the older tdf-membership@lists... Thorsten Behrens


14:25 Proteus Task #3710: SSO login problems
Can provide screencasts of problems (in both cases, browser was Firefox, but happens with Chrome too). Can't attach h... Thorsten Behrens
14:24 Proteus Task #3710 (New): SSO login problems
Seems currently, there's a number of problems with signing in via SSO (both for prod, as well as test instance vm149.... Thorsten Behrens


12:26 Infrastructure Task #1585: single sign-on (SSO)
Quick poke on status here - I've re-checked, still no recovery codes when enabling TOTP. Of course, getting a physica... Thorsten Behrens


19:21 Infrastructure Task #1585: single sign-on (SSO)
Same request as Uwe - and there seems to be this:
Would in any case be super nice, to additionally have WebAuthn a...
Thorsten Behrens


16:59 Infrastructure Task #1585: single sign-on (SSO)
Bringing up 2FA again - according to this page, it's mos... Thorsten Behrens


12:34 Infrastructure Task #3565: New Bugzilla field request: Regression-By
Xisco Fauli Tarazona wrote in #note-2:
> This has been already discussed in the past.
Could you reference this...
Thorsten Behrens


18:54 Infrastructure Task #3097: Try out MirrorBits as replacement for MirrorBrain
Hmm. Tough call. Perhaps to inform any decisions here, let me throw in some random links:
Thorsten Behrens


13:17 Infrastructure Task #3052: create jenkins job to create doxygen documentation for LibreOffice
If this takes longer - can then please someone update the API docs manually? We're currently at 6.2 FWICT... Thorsten Behrens


00:54 Key Goals Task #3133: KG22.08.4 - Align marketing with TDC
Move to private for the moment Thorsten Behrens

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