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Email to mailing list "denied"

Added by Mark Bourne over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Recently, the LibreOffice Users mailing list had been "denying" my emails. I've tried posting to users at a couple of times last week, and again today, and keep getting messages back saying:

Hi, this is the Mlmmj program managing the <users at>
mailing list.

The message from <libreoffice-ml.mbourne at> with subject "Re:
[libreoffice-users] ErrorCodeIOException: SfxBaseModel::impl_store failed"
was unable to be delivered to the list

(The denied message is below.)

(I've "@" replaced with "at" to avoid spam harvesting)

No explanation as to why it's blocked. I am subscribed to the mailing list, have been posting without any problem for a couple of years, and am still receiving messages from the list.

That message came from users+owner at I tried replying to enquire why my messages are being blocked, and got a message back saying that message had been blocked!

In case you think the "spamgourmet" part of my email address looks suspicious, it's not. It's a disposable email service which I use to prevent spam. I register with a slightly different address for each mailing list etc., and if one of them gets harvested by spambots (quite possible when posting to a publicly archived mailing list) and starts getting spammed, I can just delete that address and re-register with a new one.


#1 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 3 years ago

From time to time, we have errors like these with mail clients not able
to cope with the "+" sign

Which client are you using to send the mail?

#2 Updated by Mark Bourne over 3 years ago

Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.33.

There's no "+" sign in "users at", which is the first address I had problems with.

It was only after having emails to that address denied that I tried reporting the problem to users+owner, but that email was also rejected with a similar message.

#3 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 3 years ago

Hmmm... that's weird. Any chance to test with a different client
temporarily? The lists seem to work fine for others, so we need to nail
down the issue.

#4 Updated by Mark Bourne over 3 years ago

Well, trying from GMail webmail lead to some interesting discoveries. I've also just noticed that the "post denied" messages do include my original message, including headers, as an attachment (it says in the body "The denied message is below" but there's nothing below that - only just thought to look for attachments!).

The setup with spamgourmet is that:
  • I send an email to libreoffice-ml.mbourne.<HashCode>.
    • <HashCode> is a hex number which has to be correct for spamgourmet to forward the mail; I've redacted it as otherwise anyone could use it to send mail to the list appearing to be from me.
  • SpamGourmet sends that message on with modified headers:
    • From: libreoffice-ml.mbourne at (the address subscribed to the LibreOffice users mailing list)
    • To: users at

Having the final headers as seen by the mailing list helps see what's going on. There, I see that the To: header seen by the list is:

To: users at

Which doesn't look right. The original from SeaMonkey is:

To: LibreOffice Users

So it looks like spamgourmet is incorrectly handling the To: header when there is a line break between name and address. I haven't had any trouble sending to the Mozilla list, also via spamgourmet, but looking at the messages arriving there I see a similar pattern; guess their list server is just a little more tolerant of this header! I don't know if the LibreOffice mailing list can be made more tolerant, but it seems the problem is with spamgourmet so I'll report to them.

Sending the following, from either SeaMonkey or GMail webmail when the address is not in the address book, works fine and gets through to the list:

To: libreoffice-ml.mbourne.<HashCode>.

As does the following, from GMail with the address from the address book:

To: LibreOffice Users <libreoffice-ml.mbourne.<HashCode>.>

While the following, from SeaMonkey with the address in the address book, is denied due to what seems to be incorrect rewriting by spamgourmet:

To: LibreOffice Users

The second line begins with a space, which seems to be removed by RedMine's rendering. I think that's a valid To: header (RFC 2822, Section 3.4) but seems to be mishandled by spamgourmet.

Guess I also have a workaround until such time as this is fixed.


#5 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 3 years ago

Thanks for the detailed write-up!
Seems indeed to be a Spamgourmet-related thing - an empty RCPT TO
doesn't look proper :-)

#6 Updated by Florian Effenberger over 3 years ago

Thanks for the detailed write-up!
Seems indeed to be a Spamgourmet-related thing - an empty RCPT TO
doesn't look proper :-)

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