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[reply] [−] Description Joel Madero 2013-11-18 22:57:10 CET
We are looking to substantially clean the whiteboard wiki page. The idea is that we want something much much simpler than what is currently there and move the current page to something like whiteboard_complete or whiteboard_advanced. The general idea is we want a basic page where "new QA members" won't get overwhelmed with the amount of information but at the same time we want "full documentation" available to more experienced QA to see all the nitty gritty info currently on the page (which again should be moved to _complete or _advanced or something else that makes sense)

Here is the link:

Copy content of the page to a temporary holding place on the wiki
Then on the main page liberally cut down to the bare minimum
Organize in a way that a new user would be able to follow when to use the terms
Add some of the new terms that we now have - I can get you a list of new terms (or a list of all terms if that helps)

I'm happy to be a "mentor" on this - just haven't had time to do it myself. Email me if you need advice :) Much appreciated if someone will take this long pending task off of my plate.


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I think this can be closed as this already exists:


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yeah, thanks for pointing this out. Thanks to everybody who has helped to clean that up. :-)

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