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Björn Michaelsen 2013-12-05 21:25:09 CET
Planet is not a commonly understood word outside the hacker culture.
Thus change the title from "Planet TDF" to "LibreOffice Community Blogs" and have redirect to (or vice versa, if simple to do).

for reference (from #libreoffice-dev):
16:55 <@mmeeks> Sweetshark: I suspect that the libreoffice planet is another victim of the unhelpful 'TDF' parallel brand.
16:55 <@mmeeks> Sweetshark: is where I'd look for it ;-)
17:12 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: nah not really. its because we neither link to it from either and We only have the TDF blog in there.
17:13 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: fwiw, I now added the planet to the TDF blog, my blog and in the default header on the TDF wiki and the wiki frontpage.
17:13 <@mmeeks> Sweetshark:  you don't think the huge title: "The Document Foundation Planet" 
17:13 <@mmeeks> Sweetshark: makes it just a bit harder to find it when you search for "LibreOffice Planet" ? ;-)
17:13  * mmeeks thinks it is yet-another slam-dunk example of the folly of dual-branding ;-)
17:14 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: if you are talking about the general population, they dont have a clue what a "planet" is in the first place.
17:14 < tml_> Sweetshark: +1
17:14 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: hence I called it "LibreOffice community blogs" in my links.
17:15 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: but yeah: having the title changed and maybe "" redircting to it cant hurt either.
17:20 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: and ONLY featured the 'official blog' -- not the community. Same with I understand that having a community member rant syndicated there directly might be ... unfortunate. But a link to the planet itself cant hurt (...).
17:20 <@Sweetshark> (strangely they also have a "twitter" section featuring ... a big whitespace.)
17:25 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: and again: the urgent problem has little to nothing to do with the TDF/LibreOffice branding. After all, if you google for "documentfoundation" you wont find the planet on the first two pages either. and nobody bothers beyond that.
17:26 <@Sweetshark> mmeeks: OTOH "planet libreoffice" finds the TDF planet as first hit. QED: nothing to do with the LO/TDF dual brand and everything with underlinking and 'planet' being geekspeak

(adding links should be fixed by now, so the rename is what remains)

see ticket for more information


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