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Infra Team Onboarding is ... suboptimal

Added by Bjoern Michaelsen about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Looking for infos on how to join up with the infra team on the wiki (which has to be assumed the first point of contact), I went on the following clickpath:

which sucks. The team needs clean instructions for onboarding and fast human contact.

get_involved_concept.png (182 KB) get_involved_concept.png Mike Saunders, 2016-08-25 14:02


#1 Updated by Florian Effenberger about 2 years ago

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There's also (agreeably quite well hidden) the wiki page,
aliased to

The proper link to the get involed page is

Mike, do you have cycles to

- compile a nice and decent text out of the various sources mentioned above
- find where
is referenced from

We should move all content to the community/infrastructure page and
redirect the others there

#2 Updated by Mike Saunders about 2 years ago

OK, I've replaced the broken link to the page. Here's some suggested text for the community/infrastructure page, based on this strategy:

  • Have a call to action right at the start, instead of after lots of text
  • Get potential contributors on the IRC channel as quickly as possible (faster and more personal than mailing lists)
  • Explain the benefits of contributing to a major FOSS project (great experience). Many people end up doing paid jobs with FOSS-related companies after volunteering, so this is something we can stress I think

We could expand this strategy to the pages for the other teams as well. At the moment there's a lot of duplicated content between the main site and wiki, so if you're happy with the text below, I can put it in community/infrastructure and consolidate the wiki pages to point to it.


The LibreOffice infrastructure comprises the websites, services and tools used by the community to develop and support the software. Our infrastructure team is critical to the project and is always open to new contributors.

Whether you want to suggest an improvement, add a feature or fix a bug, getting involved is easy:

1. Join our IRC channel: #tdf-infra on Freenode []
2. Say who you are and what areas interest you
3. If it's quiet on IRC (eg if it's evening where most people are) then also subscribe to our mailing list and say hello there [mailto:]

Thanks in advance for your help! Areas to get involved in include:

  • Our website, the TDF website, and the wiki
  • Our localization (Pootle) and documentation (ODFAuthors) tools
  • Our mail service infrastructure (such as our mailing lists)
  • Our code development and collaboration tools (such as Git and Gerrit)

Helping out with the LibreOffice infrastructure provides you with valuable experience in the field of system administration, in one of the biggest free software projects, and provides a strong foundation for developing and promoting LibreOffice and open document standards.

#3 Updated by Mike Saunders about 2 years ago

Also, while I'm on this topic, I've also expanded -- previously it just had the rotating banner (which is OK, but some people might not see that you can click through to different topics) and "Get the source code". Now I've added links underneath with calls to action for the various team pages.

#4 Updated by Mike Saunders about 2 years ago

Attached image: get_involved_concept.png. This is a mock-up for a new and streamlined Get Involved page based on the following strategy (also posted to marketing-priv):

1) Have a single resource we can point to. We could shorten this (eg and put the URL everywhere - on presentations, business cards, merchandise, even the LO splash screen or About dialog if we wanted. In my mockup, visitors simply click the button for the topic they're interested in, and are told what to do in simple steps.

2) Get potential contributors on IRC as quickly as possible. IMHO this is way better than asking people to register for various sites and lists. In my mockup, the link goes to - so all the contributor has to do is type in a nickname. Immediately, they're communicating in real-time, can get specific pointers about what to do, and feel involved from the start.

Of course, not every team has an active IRC channel, and some channels will be very quiet at certain times of the day. So we can still mention mailing lists - and in my mockup, each button could have a different set of steps that are most appropriate for that team.

3) Stress the benefits. I've added a box on the right with five extra incentives for getting involved. Sure, most visitors to this page will already have some interest in contributing to LO, but it's a bonus to have a really positive vibe from the start. Plus, as such a large and well-known project, I think we can really push the message that contributing to LO brings really valuable experience that helps with a future career.

#5 Updated by Florian Effenberger about 2 years ago

Björn, any thoughts/feedback? ;-)

#6 Updated by Bjoern Michaelsen about 2 years ago

Looks all great to me, nothing I would block to be found at all! So just push this ahead, if there is feedback from subprojects on details later, we can adapt.

#7 Updated by Jan Iversen about 2 years ago

With my development hat on, it looks great !!

A couple of small comments for consideration.

pin 2, you will develop new skills --> Participation is a plus for your CV (think of the diploma 1st patch)

"Documentation" as title look wrong, maybe "How to get in touch" would be better.

How about mentioning our social network channels as well ?

#8 Updated by Florian Effenberger about 2 years ago

Bjoern Michaelsen wrote:

Looks all great to me, nothing I would block to be found at all! So just push this ahead, if there is feedback from subprojects on details later, we can adapt.

+1 - so Mike, feel free to proceed ;-)

#9 Updated by Mike Saunders about 2 years ago

OK, I've updated the Infrastructure page on the LO website with the neater and shorter text in comment #2. Regarding the Get Involved page redesign, I'd like to include the community video (#1978), which is about 80% finished, so that will follow very soon.

#10 Updated by Mike Saunders about 2 years ago

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Get Involved redesign complete:

So closing this now.

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