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14:56 Marketing Task #3452: Annual Report 2020
* English version complete and sent to the board
* German translation complete and with Florian
* Mike p...
Mike Saunders


10:56 Key Goals Task #3118: KG22.05.1 - Focused on new / younger contributors
The flyer now has translations in 7 languages, and I've had requests to post out printed copies. (Not many so far, as... Mike Saunders


12:19 Marketing Task #3452: Annual Report 2020
* English content finished
* Shared with Board for checking
* Will now start working on German translation - final ...
Mike Saunders
12:17 DE Task #2984: Investigate German volunteering platforms
We've had a new contact via Vostel, so I'm talking to the person and will arrange a call/video chat to help onboard h... Mike Saunders


10:53 Key Goals Task #3118: KG22.05.1 - Focused on new / younger contributors
Results of the first project announced, the flyer for schools and universities:
Mike Saunders


15:08 Key Goals Task #3118: KG22.05.1 - Focused on new / younger contributors
> Create flyers and posters for students to distribute
Started this project, based on this flyer design: https://w...
Mike Saunders


11:44 Marketing Task #3439 (Closed): update donations infographic for 2020
Updated infographic is on the donate page:
As well as social media: https://tw...
Mike Saunders


10:40 Marketing Task #3066 (Rejected): investigate Brave Rewards for LO website visitors
> from my side, not urgent at all...
Agreed - our donation stream is doing well, and there are some other larger p...
Mike Saunders


16:14 Key Goals Task #3118: KG22.05.1 - Focused on new / younger contributors
We launched on 29 January on our blog and social media:
Mike Saunders
09:38 DE Task #2880: Aktivitäten mit dem Café Netzwerk
Lockdown in Bavaria extended to at least mid-March, and no sign of any events in this quarter, so let's continue in Q2. Mike Saunders

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