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15:27 Marketing Task #1901: Promote the Document Liberation Project
Here's the contributor-oriented video, now live: – I'll post it on the bl...


10:23 Marketing Task #2389: create an infographic describing ways to contribute to LO
Mike Saunders wrote:
> *
> ...
10:21 Marketing Task #2389 (Closed): create an infographic describing ways to contribute to LO
So I posted the first one back in September:


12:57 Marketing Task #2682: improve send feedback form
So I asked this on the team list a week ago, with no answer, so can't proceed...
12:56 Marketing Task #2680: translate graphics from 2017 German community meeting
Just looked – that document (Alles-mit-allem_Berlin2017.odg) is just one diagram that's already in English...


11:56 Marketing Task #2415: make regular "This Month in LibreOffice" posts on the blog
November: https...


16:33 Marketing Task #2162: improve the new extensions and templates website
Not sure if it's worth keeping this ticket now, given that another website may be used in the future -- maybe reject ...
15:33 Marketing Task #2690 (New): "What can I do for LibreOffice" website
Redon Skikuli from the Albanian community is working on a LibreOffice website similar to this: https://whatcanidoforf...
14:39 Marketing Task #2689 (New): "Community focus" series leading up to LibreOffice 6.2
In the weeks leading up to the release of LibreOffice 6.2, do regular "Community focus" blog posts, talking to differ...
14:37 Marketing Task #2688 (New): create LibreOffice 6.2 New Features video
As with previous releases, create a video showing off the new features. Steps to take:
* Select noteworthy feature...

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