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Documentation Manager 2020-06-18
Events Manager 2020-06-18
Board Public Manager 2020-07-30
Key Goals Manager 2020-06-18
Infrastructure Manager 2020-06-18
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DE Manager 2016-02-15
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12:57 Marketing Task #1376: month of LibreOffice contribution
November campaign started: Mike Saunders


09:52 Release Engineering Task #3623: Appimage builds
I've updated the links on accordingly. Mike Saunders


15:26 Marketing Task #3051 (Closed): grow recurring donations (goal 50%)
According to Italo, we are very close to 50%, so I think we can close this now. Of course, we will continue to promot... Mike Saunders


16:07 DE Task #1459: deutschsprachige Community-TelKos
Zur Zeit immer noch wenig Interesse, regelmäßige Calls zu haben. Soll ich versuchen, ein DE-Community-Treffen zu orga... Mike Saunders
16:06 Marketing Task #1901: Promote the Document Liberation Project
Looks like there have been no DLP library releases since late 2019 -- I've emailed David and Fridrich to see what's g... Mike Saunders
15:48 Marketing Task #2934: map for events
In-person events are taking place more often now, so I'll resume work on this, maybe with the Web Technology Engineer... Mike Saunders
15:47 Marketing Task #3196: create video for travel refund tool
Script for this finished, and checked with Sophie. Will record the clips and try to finalise the video before LibOCon. Mike Saunders
15:46 DE Task #2984: Investigate German volunteering platforms
We get messages every month or two via Vostel, from people who are interested in contributing. I follow up with offer... Mike Saunders


12:51 Infrastructure Task #3618: add links to wiki page on compatibility for older OS versions to System Requirements page
Hi Kyle,
Thanks for reporting the issue, and the complicated link situation! We can make it a lot simpler indeed. ...
Mike Saunders


09:09 Marketing Task #1376: month of LibreOffice contribution
These run every six months like clockwork, so no need to set a date. Next one will be in November. Will engage the ma... Mike Saunders

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