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13:07 Marketing Task #3435: create LibreOffice 7.1 New Features video
I've sent the video clips and screenshots to Rania for editing. Latest version of script below.
Mike Saunders
13:06 Key Goals Task #3118: KG22.05.1 - Focused on new / younger contributors
Going further with the Open Badges idea: define goals, and encourage students/younger people to target them.
I've ...
Mike Saunders


14:27 DE Task #2912: DE-Veranstaltungen 2021
Ich habe etwas recherchiert und eine Liste für 2021 erstellt. Die habe ich auch an DE-discuss@ geschickt...
Mike Saunders


15:45 DE Task #2912: DE-Veranstaltungen 2021
Manche Veranstaltungen finden online statt, zB:
Ich werde eine Liste von ...
Mike Saunders
15:43 Marketing Task #2934: map for events
It's unlikely there will be any in-person events in the next few months, but hopefully by Q2 there will be some thing... Mike Saunders
15:42 DE Task #2880: Aktivitäten mit dem Café Netzwerk
Nothing happening here at the moment, and very unlikely until at least March I think... Mike Saunders
15:42 Marketing Task #3196: create video for travel refund tool
There's still no immediate need for this, as nobody's travelling at the moment, so let's see if in Q2 it becomes usef... Mike Saunders


15:28 Marketing Task #3439 (New): update donations infographic for 2020
We have an infographic on the donate page (and used on social media) showing how donations were used in 2019:
Mike Saunders
15:02 Infrastructure Task #3416: Website redesign: Prominently offer a download for the last version supporting XP/Vista, concurrently with the latest Fresh version
IMO we shouldn't offer any version for XP. Our last versions which work on XP almost certainly have security vulnerab... Mike Saunders


15:00 Marketing Task #3435 (In Progress): create LibreOffice 7.1 New Features video
For LibreOffice 7.0, Rania and others in the Indonesian community made a
superb video based on a script I created: h...
Mike Saunders

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