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16:02 Marketing Task #1376: month of LibreOffice contribution
November campaign started: Mike Saunders


10:44 Marketing Task #2934: map for events
Also bumping to Q1 2022, due to the lack of events at the moment. Mike Saunders
10:42 Marketing Task #2233: Tracker for TDF and LO event materials, merchandise, flyers and stickers
With very few in-person events in the last 18 months, there hasn't been much movement of merchandise. However, I've p... Mike Saunders
10:37 DE Task #1459: deutschsprachige Community-TelKos
Ich habe etwas auf DE-discuss gepostet aber keine Antwort:
Mike Saunders
10:32 Marketing Task #3196: create video for travel refund tool
This is still a valuable thing to have, but there are unlikely to be any in-person events for the remainder of this y... Mike Saunders
10:31 DE Task #2880: Aktivitäten mit dem Café Netzwerk
Am Freitag, 22.10.2021 um 19:00 Uhr gibts ein Treffen Café Netzwerk. Ich kann nicht dabei sein, aber die werden über ... Mike Saunders
10:29 DE Task #2877 (Rejected): Bilder für Landing Page
MMn macht dieses Ticket keinen Sinn mehr, da wir bald (hoffentlich) eine neue Webseite haben! Mike Saunders
10:25 Marketing Task #1376: month of LibreOffice contribution
Preparations for the upcoming November campaign, soliciting feedback from the marketing community:
Mike Saunders


12:58 Marketing Task #3531 (Closed): create LibreOffice 7.2 New Features video
All done - video public, with subtitle translations in 13 languages thanks to the community! And probably some more t... Mike Saunders


10:33 Infrastructure Task #2638: Badges for the community (OpenBadges)
Recently, we issued badges for the PT-BR and CZ communities:
Mike Saunders

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