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raise awareness of how TDF/LO contributes upstream to projects

Added by Mike Saunders about 1 year ago. Updated about 3 hours ago.

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Simon Phipps had an idea at LibOCon, that we could highlight the contributions made by TDF/LO people to AskBot and Bugzilla. This could work as a blog post, but I should talk to people on those projects and maybe it can be a joint effort.


#1 Updated by Florian Effenberger about 1 year ago

Great idea!
There's a couple of more projects we contribute to IMHO - at least mlmmj comes to mind (where we did PyMIME and provided translations). might have more projects we contributed code to.

There's work going on with Pootle as well, and some (although agreeably very few) translations for the Redmine issue history plugin.

#2 Updated by Florian Effenberger 5 months ago

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#3 Updated by Mike Saunders 3 months ago

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Started investigating this by asking for ideas on the marketing-priv@ and team@ mailing lists.

#4 Updated by Mike Saunders 3 months ago

Feedback from the community so far:

  • "TDF has funded some updates on Askbot"
  • "We contributed to CppUnit to the point of taking it over/forking it"
  • "Gerrit. I think David Ostrovsky is even a gerrit's upstream member"
  • "Support contracts exist with AskBot, Pootle, Plone"

So I have some things to investigate, but I need to find out more details before turning this into something we can promote...

#5 Updated by Florian Effenberger about 1 month ago

Can you reach out to Guilhem and also check our ledgers/annual reports? I think with this we can come up with a decent list we can extend later on, of course

#6 Updated by Mike Saunders 10 days ago

This ticket has been open for a while and I don't want to bump it, so I'll work on it early next week and do my best to get it finished before the Christmas break.

#7 Updated by Mike Saunders about 3 hours ago

Going through the Annual Reports for 2016, 2015 and 2014, the only details I can find are in 2014 which says money was spent on:

Pootle translation memory, concordance and performance improvements

Similarly, I've gone through all of the ledgers and the only piece of info relating to work on other FOSS projects is:

Pootle (Maintenance/Care/Software)

But that might just be a support contract rather than new features. I've reached out to Guilhem but I think many of the things mentioned happened before he joined. I'll also ask Sophie in case she knows more about Pootle and AskBot. I'd just like to find, say, four simple things to put into a "How TDF helps other projects" infographic, like:

  • Performance improvements to Pootle
  • X in Y

...and so on. But there's simply very little info out there, despite all the searches and asking around I've been doing, so I think I'm reaching a dead end here, sadly...

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