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End of the year Giving Guides

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We should try to get TDF added to and similar pages

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I have made a research, but I wasn't able to find similar pages on the web. I suggest scheduling a fundraising-related announcement to distribute to media (only to "team" email address) in September, and to reiterate in November. Moving the deadline to early September 2018.

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#5 Updated by Italo Vignoli 4 months ago

Nothing similar has been published in 2018, so I wonder if the article was a one off which has not been replicated.

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Searched further. This is a BoingBoing specific project running since 2013. The list is published by Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing co-founder and EFF member, who asks for suggestions to other BoingBoing forum members by adding a comment to his forum post (and then in some cases publishes a post on BoingBoing blog like in 2017). There isn't anything similar on the entire Internet, so keeping a ticket open for something we cannot achieve seems overkill. I have changed the date to the end of November, when is probably the best time to send a message to .

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