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Indico test instance

Added by Daniel Armando Rodriguez about 1 year ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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We the organizers of LATAM Conference want to setup an Indico ( test instance for internal evaluation. And, eventually, use it for this year's conference.

It's an open-source tool for event organisation and we believe it can be helpfull not only for LATAM Conference but the asian and the internacional as it can handle several events simultaneously.



Updated by Guilhem Moulin about 1 year ago

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Not sure if anything changed in that regard, but FWIW the current BoD and Sophie decided to use for next year's LibOCon. I doubt we have the resources to deploy and maintain several of these systems in parallel. There is currently no prod (nor test) instance of pretalx though. Not sure when is the LATAM CfP, but given the current infra backlog for Q1 I'm not sure it'll be ready in time :-/


Updated by Daniel Armando Rodriguez about 1 year ago

LATAM will be held in the 2nd quarter, any chance to get pretalx instance instead?


Updated by Guilhem Moulin about 1 year ago

Dunno, I guess you want it ready before that? How soon?


Updated by Daniel Armando Rodriguez about 1 year ago

As soon as possible please, so we can get familiar with the platform.


Updated by Florian Effenberger about 1 year ago

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Updated by Franklin Weng about 1 year ago

I don't recommend Indico. I've spent some time translating and testing it.
  • It is mainly designed for academic conferences rather than open source events. The terms and ideas are different (which made me difficult thinKing about how to translate them properly)
  • When I started to get familiar with its logic a serial problem was there -- all the date formats didn't follow the user settings but using "ddmmyyyy" fixed in the code.

I'll try setting a pretalx instance (or use the testing one with LATAM) and see if it can be smoothly migrate into TDF infras. Does it make sense to you?


Updated by Daniel Armando Rodriguez about 1 year ago

After Guilhem comments Indico was discarded already.

Mauricio Baeza, from Mexico, installed an instance in his server and works pretty well. As he is a python specialist I think he will be available if any help if needed for installation under TDF infra.


Updated by Daniel Armando Rodriguez about 1 year ago

Sorry, a Pretalx instance I mean.


Updated by Florian Effenberger 6 months ago

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