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Investigate cross-compiling LibreOffice for macOS on Linux in CI

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Copied from ESC minutes of 2020-01-23

  • Mozilla compiles Firefox on Linux to speed things up for the mac build
    + LWN comment:
    + Mozilla upstream bug report:
  • Cross build docker images at
  • There is already gb_SUPPRESS_TESTS=t to suppress tests running on build
  • configure knows CROSS_COMPILING to build iOS and Android
  • More general mac cross compiling scripts
  • Tests still have to run on a real box, I guess
  • is this a proposal? (Miklos)
    + yes, for CI. But I just know that mac is / was a bottleneck (Jmux)
    + mac is currently not the bottleneck, though (Christian)
    + rather Linux(gcc+clang) or Windows (and have cloud help for Linux)
    + no action necessary (Thorsten)
    + good to keep in mind
    + may need this at some stage (and then this would help with the build part)
    + mac HW is just really expensive (does not scale)

Updated by Christian Lohmaier over 1 year ago

  • Assignee deleted (Christian Lohmaier)

not explicitly assigning to me at this moment. Idea of making it a readmine ticket is so that the info/ideas that were mentioned in IRC will be rediscoverable for later reference/when someone wants to investigate.

For me personally I'm not interested in trying to do crossbuilds until the gatekeeper issues are fully solved (and ideally a proper fix for the font issue is in place).

If however someone creates a working cross-build setup I'll be more than happy to add such a config to CI/jenkins

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