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Google Drive and One Drive auth tokens

Added by Florian Effenberger 5 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Seems there are issues with accessing files on Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive, see

for the details. The solution seems to be both a technical and an administrative one.

We likely need accounts with both of the services and then file some paperwork.

Cloph, can you let us know where we have official accounts?
I think only at Google (the info@tdf one?), but I am not sure.

Xisco, with the account information at hand, can you chase what we have to do, prepare the technical bits and hand back to me for the paperwork?


onedrive_wip.png (211 KB) onedrive_wip.png Christian Lohmaier, 2020-12-06 21:13



Updated by Florian Effenberger 5 months ago

First estimate from Cloph is that this is not just related to paperwork/getting keys, but to our approach about on connecting to these services, that might need complete reimplementation (libcmis). He will investigate further and report back.


Updated by Christian Lohmaier 4 months ago

for google It's not a problem with the keys, but rather how libcmis is handling the login procedures needs to be fixed, and it should work from within LO


Updated by Christian Lohmaier 4 months ago

For microsoft onedrive the reason is not bad auth-tokens, but using obsolete (and now disabled, non-fuctional) API.
Migration seems straightforward enough that I can handle, but requires changes to both libcmis (that deals with the filebrowsing aspect) as well as LibreOffice (that defines the ouath enpoints/scopes to use)

Only "issue" with the API-keys uses is that it's called "LibreOfficeDev" in the dialog to confirm the requested access to onedrive files, so changed the name and at the same time added the magic to have the domain verified using

Also with the "open the link in the browser and copy the result back to the connect-to-server window" there really is no need to ask the user for the username/password for the onedrive account, LO cannot make use of it to login anymore.


Updated by Christian Lohmaier about 2 months ago

  • Target version changed from Q3/2020 to Q4/2020

plan is to have the onedrive integration fixed with the 7.1 rc/in 7.1.0


Updated by Christian Lohmaier about 1 month ago

wip - unfortunately not as strightforward/minimal changes as hoped, nevertheless basic functionality working again for onedrive. Opening/Saving files should be ready in time for rc1.

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