Task #893

Updated by Florian Effenberger about 3 years ago

To reflect the changed membership composition, shortly Shortly after the beginning begin of each every quarter, tdf-members@ needs to be propagated with when the new subscriber list.
*NOTE*: Don't confuse with tdf-membership@ mailing list

* MC will
members have their meeting and send draft notes
* Sophie and Florian will prepare
been approved, the paperwork
* MC will send a list of e-mail addresses, containing all current subscribers
* all subscribers need to be removed via the web interface (remember to disable notification)
* the current
private members subscriber list needs to be added via the web interface (disable notification again) adjusted
* e-mail Sophie, so she can follow-up to Wait for Florian's (or Cor's) ping with the new members on the list of subscribers, and update it accordingly

Note: It's tdf-members, *not* tdf-membership as list name ;-)