Task #414

Updated by Florian Effenberger almost 3 years ago

TDF has decided to fund certain AskBot improvements. This task is to coordinate which ones to fund next.

-1) per-language related questions - 2h-

-7) better facility to deal with the duplicates - 20h-
-when you mark question as duplicate there will be a UI to find-
-duplicate questions and mark them.-
-Forbid asking questions with exact duplicate titles.-

-12, 13) - the same issue + many other string settings are not localizable - 20h-
-make string-type settings localizable. The UI will allow entry of string-
-for each enabled language if the site is multilingual-

14 - 16) are related issues (50h total)
The solution is to allow users have one profile per language
and migrate all user profile info into those language settings.
14) make user status separate for each localized instance
- allow users to have one profile per language
15) make user list show per language
16) karma per localization

-17) list tags per localization - 10h-
-18) document how to create new localizations - 1h-

* - question NEEDINFO tag / status (#687)
* - Generalized mechanism for common question-modifying 'actions' in Askbot (#690)
* - Original question author not displayed for wiki-style question (#700)
* mark the fields on the profile page as not-to-be-indexed by search-engines

Further ideas and proposals referenced as tickets.