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Migrate and to TDF infrastructure

Added by Jan Holesovsky over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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These are currently running on; I guess it would be helpful to migrate them to the TDF infrastructure, as these are essential services.

I've talked to Florian / Thorsten about that; Florian suggested to assign this to you, Alex, and that he'll talk to you about this at CeBIT :-)

Thank you!


#1 Updated by Christian Lohmaier almost 4 years ago is very simple - just needs php & webserver - and host the check.php from this repo:

Alias /ProductUpdateService/check.Update /docroot/check.php

(and rules to ingore .git, and redirect other requests to downloadpage/regular website)
~noone needs access when automatically updating the check.php from the repository/releng having access is enough

dev-www is just simple static files, so need directory indexing enabled, but nothing else.
a couple of devs need access to be able to upload new versions of external tarballs and special purpose stuff.

dev-www also hosts the git-bundles, so the box also needs to either create the bundles itself of have them pushed over from another host

#2 Updated by Jan Holesovsky almost 4 years ago

One thing that is important part of the are the apache logs of the check.php accesses, as that is what we are using for the update stats. I'd need access to those, and it would be awesome if they were backed up.

#4 Updated by Florian Effenberger almost 4 years ago

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Closing in favor of #124, let's take it from there

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