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Introduce "top-level" tags

Added by Olivier Hallot 12 months ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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Team - Q2/2021
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Documentation files are well handled by the extension site.

We need a global entry in the main menu for "LibreOffice Documentation", in the same level as "Extension" in the top header.

The menu entry must open the page

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Updated by Olivier Hallot 12 months ago

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Updated by Heiko Tietze 11 months ago

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"Documentation" would be too narrowly considered. If we go with another navigation it would be Templates, Extensions, Documentation selected per dropdown where we currently just have Extensions. The tricky part on this change is the categorization which has to be in addition to the filter per tag system. Some effort but also a lot of benefits IMHO. More opinions needed => FEEDBACK.


Updated by Olivier Hallot 11 months ago

Main category:
[LibreOffice] Documentation

Sub categories
- Books
- Quick Reference Cards
- Tutorials
- Miscellaneous

Lang Category too.

Note 1: I keep having extension authors tagging their extension with the 'Documentation' tag, and the extension is not a documentation itself (for example, an extension that helps inserting comments in documents). Having a tag 'LibreOffice Documentation' is supposed to make things clearer.

Note 2: It may happen that a document can be tagged in 2 different sub-categories (book + Tutorial)

Note 3: LO users may want to filter documentation by language.

Note 4: It will be nice to have a Silverstripe template to help create redirect pages with a query like the one in comment#0.


Updated by Heiko Tietze 11 months ago

Sub "categories" should use the existing tag system where you can create any tag you like. If documentation creates many languages tags, for example, it makes sense to not show those at other categories.


Updated by Heiko Tietze 11 months ago

See also rdm#3220


Updated by Heiko Tietze 11 months ago


Updated by Heiko Tietze 11 months ago

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Discussed in meeting and decided to have a list of tags at a prominent place (eg next to Search) to quick-select Templates, Documentation, and Dictionary. Discussed Extension controversially, so the list of "top-level" tags might change later and has to be flexible.


Updated by Heiko Tietze 11 months ago

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Updated by Christian Lohmaier 11 months ago

  • Target version set to Q3/2020

Updated by Christian Lohmaier 6 months ago

  • Target version changed from Q3/2020 to Q4/2020

I'll try to add it by end of the year


Updated by Olivier Hallot 6 months ago

Time has gone. You may drop this demand.

The documentation communtiy did not like the way books were presented in the extension website and criticized to fact that books were seen or presented as extensions.

See :

Topics and Discussion:
+ Location of finished books
+ Nextcloud (for developers)
+ Pros
+ Root of all source and published files, no "scattering"
of files
+ Cons
+ clumsy way to download (intermediate page)
+ has LibreOffice Online associated to ODT files

+ Wiki page on published books (for end users)
+ Pros
+ books displays altogether for download
+ Wiki management well known by authors
+ Holds all contents (PDF + ODT)
+ Cons
+ Documentation website(for end users)
+ Pro
+ easy to get the book
+ quick navigation
+ Cons
+ hard to maintain (must know html, silverStripe CMS)
+ Upload/thumbnails must be manually uploaded/updated
+ Extension website (for end users)
+ Pro
+ Very easy to upload and upgrade books
+ Fairly good navigation ("bookstore")
+ feature to give "stars" on the guide
+ Allow comments on Guides direclty from public
+ Cons
+ look unfinished,
+ Confusing mixture with extensions and templates
+ still on test
+ tweaked to fit new "Additions" dialog (7.1)



Updated by Christian Lohmaier 4 months ago

  • Target version changed from Q4/2020 to Q1/2021

Updated by Christian Lohmaier 2 months ago

  • Due date set to 2021-04-11
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  • Target version changed from Q1/2021 to Q2/2021

Updated by Christian Lohmaier 12 days ago

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basic support for top levels introduced. ATM they are just formatted as bold on the search filter screen.


Updated by Florian Effenberger 10 days ago

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