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19:29 Infrastructure Bug #412: letters missing from website (some browsers don't display letters)
I've taken a look at this and have some findings. The Google Fonts API (which the website uses) does not contain Lato...


17:16 Documentation Task #2363: Open a Website or VM for helpcontent online rich text editing development
I don't know which priority Olivier would like to have on this or what is the content of his talk. On my side, I thin...


17:14 Documentation Task #2363: Open a Website or VM for helpcontent online rich text editing development
Thank you Olivier for this. Do you think this should be put in the Infrastructure project? I guess a VM or anything e...


16:46 Infrastructure Task #2355 (Closed): F-Droid LibreOffice Viewer link become 404
Sorry for taking this task from Christian Lohmaier's list but I've fixed it and published the new version. As far as ...


15:13 Infrastructure Task #2334: Some strings are shown in OS language instead of LO language
Do you mean in the LibreOffice downloadable product? If yes, please open a bug for this in https://bugs.documentfound...


16:19 Infrastructure Task #2333 (Closed): Lcov website differs betwen HTTP and HTTPS
I noticed this when visiting the link from the devcentral webpage.
When you click on the link, you get redirected...


16:26 Infrastructure Task #1585: single sign-on (SSO)
What is needed to be tested? Can there be any further explanation on how someone can help here?


16:55 Infrastructure Task #2097: banner improvements
This can be removed from the 'Team - Q1 2017' version. However, I don't have the permission to do it.


16:34 Infrastructure Task #2158: Download button should use branding colors
I think #FFD74C is the best one from that list to change the current page as little as possible. However, more people...


18:12 Infrastructure Task #2097: banner improvements
About the cookie thing, maybe a solution could be that of saving a cookie for that session only? So a user closes the...

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